Thursday, September 13, 2012


Seen this enough!
Diabetic, or not diabetic? Hypoglycemic, hyperthyroid, pancreatitis, inflammation ... ai yi yi.  I have been to the cat clinic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, Thursday.  Hopefully Friday will be a down day, and woot!  Saturday, back to the vet.

I started giving Jakie her insulin shots a month ago (approx) but her glucose remained high.  We increased the dosage a few times and then .. drunk kitty.  She was hypoglycemic which can be fatal in cats.  Gah.  Too much insulin. Thank goodness I listened to my initial instruction on how to take care of a diabetic cat and knew what to do!
Amazing how quickly a cat
will get back in their carrier
when it's time to go home!

My theory:  I was never actually getting the insulin in her until we shaved her.  By then we had increased the dosage and basically over-dosed her because she was actually getting the insulin at that point.

More blood work indicated pancreatitis and the need for an anti-inflammatory, and today after not giving any insulin for 36 hours and another high glucose test, the doc decided to put Jake back on insulin but at a much lower dose.  Kind of starting at scratch again but this time - idiot owner will actually properly administer the medicine!

So, if your cat is diagnosed with diabetes, you might want to just shave some patches in their fur from the get-go so you can see that you are getting the needle under the skin and not just in the fur.  Or maybe you're way more talented than I am and will get it right from the start!

Poor Jakie, my little kitty guinea pig.

Poor me!  These cats have officially become a car payment.  I guess that's one purchase that will have to wait.



  1. poor kitty...and poor you. You are a good mommy though, and they are so worth it. Hope things start to get better soon.

    1. She really does seem to be getting back to herself again. Cats will do that when you stop over-dosing them!

  2. You are doing an amazing job there! I dread anything happening like this to my kitties...