Saturday, March 1, 2014

So about that sleep thing ...

Sleep is not over-rated!  Now that I've had my new cpap supplies for a couple of weeks - oh my gosh I feel like I can think again!  Not as well as when I was 25, but hey - you can't have everything.

If you experience overwhelming sleepiness and fatigue during the day, I'd recommend an app called SleepAnalyze.  A sleep disorder may not be the cause of your issues, but why not find out?

You put your phone next to your bed and it listens to you sleep.  It is sound activated and records whether you toss and turn, snore, or talk in your sleep. You can set a delay if you don't fall asleep right away, or watch TV before bed.  You can even have it play music for an allotted amount of time before you want it to start recording.

Before my new supplies arrived, I used the app one night.  There were well over a thousand "interruptions", mostly snoring and snuffling and some coughing. The sounds .. ugh!  Embarrassing.  Two nights after starting to sleep with the cpap again, there were 0 "interruptions" during the night and about 400 after I took the mask off at 7:30 in the morning and then slept in for another 2 hours.

Analyzing your sleep is only a first step if you need help.  After that you would have to have your doctor send you for a sleep study which can be pretty expensive if you don't have insurance.  But if you suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, I truly hope you can have the testing to confirm it - and to treat it.

Sleep is a wonderful thing when you can get it, and I hope you can.


  1. Well you learn something every day. Today I've learned so much I'll have to rest. Never knew there was a phone to record this type of sleep pattern. I couldn't be without my cpap when I met my husband I told him we were a package deal. The contraption might look funny but the quality of sleep goes a long way. So I have to ask, why would you record if you already have a cpap in use?

    1. I wasn't using my cpap for a while and when I knew I would be getting new supplies and so I could use it again - I wanted the comparison. I used the app before I got the cpap - it's kinda interesting to hear what you do while you're sleeping. But then I just wanted to compare without cpap - to - with cpap. HUGE difference!