Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This is what scares me

These two guys.  Well, not these two guys alone, but what these guys represent to me.  These are the young men that asked a man to help them pull their (borrowed without permission) SUV out of a ditch.  This good Samaritan said he would help for $20.00.  While asking for money to assist someone seems to throw shade on the label of good Samaritan, it should not have warranted death.

After pulling the SUV from the ditch - when the man asked for his $20.00 he was shot.  To death.  And the two who had the (borrowed without permission) SUV returned it to the parking lot from where they had taken it.

When police arrested them - they both confessed, one to being there and the other to shooting the man.

I would ask that you not look at their color.  Look at their ages - 17 and 19.  Look at the depravity in rewarding someone who aided them with a death sentence.  Look at a part of society that values life so little that it would think shooting someone instead of giving them $20.00 is the better option.

This isn't about guns.  This isn't even necessarily about crime.  It is about what people value and what they don't.  It is about generations of children being raised with so little self-respect or respect for others that they take what they want - including the lives of other people.  There is no respect for personal property, for what people have gained through hard work and sacrifice, and God help us there is no respect for human life.

Do their own lives mean so little to them that they cannot understand the immorality of taking someone elses?  And just how are children raised to not believe in right or wrong, and how do they grow up without a conscience?  It would seem a conscience would be innate, something you are born with and have to work NOT to have.  But I'm no psychologist or anthropologist or sociologist or whatever 'gist' would study this kind of thing.  I just know this scares the hell out of my me.

Value life.

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