Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sorry not sorry

I am tired of feeling like I need to apologize for being a conservative.  For being a republican. GASP!!  The narrative is that conservatives are among other things, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, out of touch, backward folks from fly-over country that don't have the intelligence to know
what's good for them.  Oh wait - I forgot intolerant.  That's a big one.

  • Racist - nope.  Not.  Liberals see everything through the prism of race, conservatives don't. We
    want people to have equal opportunities and that means not artificially leveling the playing field all the time cough affirmative action cough.  Stop identifying people as victims. It gives them an excuse not to try.
  • Homophobic?  Nope.  Here is where I list my gay friends and relatives, right?  But I'm not going to.  I don't care about someones sexual orientation.  And I don't care if you want to get married.  I simply don't care.  Not my business.  Many conservatives are against gay marriage, many are like me.  But the fact is - if they are against gay marriage they are not homophobic or intolerant, it is a religious belief.  The Bible is the Bible and can't be rewritten to match today's mores. Deal with it.
  • Xenophobic?  Nope.  Not that either.  Immigration is fine!  My relatives were all immigrants at some point.  Most Americans are.  All conservatives want are people to come to our country legally.  And once you get here, don't plan on never learning the language and forcing us to adapt to your culture instead of adapting to ours.  Assimilate.  That doesn't mean you can't retain your cultural identity, but this country should come first.  Period.  If you want to come to our country and do not have identifying paperwork or verifiable history - sorry. The good of our nation as a whole comes first.
  • Ignorant?  How do I address that?  Everybody is ignorant of something.  No one knows everything. Maybe I should say that liberals tend to think conservatives are unenlightened.  I would argue that we are as enlightened as the next guy, but our version of enlightened does not mean we are willing to throw our Bibles or flags to the floor because it's not on trend anymore.  We think for ourselves and because we do not believe our college students should need safe spaces so they won't get their feelings hurt if someone wears a sombrero on campus - we are labeled as intolerant and insensitive. No, we just live in the real world where we don't wrap our children in cotton and we prepare them for what the world is really like.
  • Conservatives believe in smaller government, believing that government is supposed to protect us, not control how we live.
  • We do not want Obamacare - or the lies that came with it.  Yep - there are a bunch of people who now have health insurance who never did before.  But a bunch of people who used to have it cannot afford it anymore.  So that is fair, how?  And health care is heading toward the single payer option which would be like all of the country dependent on the VA. Heard any praises for the VA lately?
  • I should bring up climate change while I'm at it.  Conservatives believe in climate change.  It's just that we call it weather.  SUVs didn't kill the dinosaurs or cause the glaciers to recede leaving us the great lakes.  The weather changes, the weather will always change.  We are not arrogant enough to believe man has the ability to change the weather.  We want a clean planet, we recycle and don't litter and agree with some of the regulations to stop the air and water from being poisoned.  But we don't let hypocrites (you Leo DiCaprio and you Al Gore) who fly around in private jets and have huge houses with large carbon footprints tell us that we need to change our way of life because the weather is changing and it is humans doing the damage. Humans need to accept when they are not in control of something.  Weather is one of those things.
  • PC America is an America that is afraid of speaking up for themselves for fear of being called one of the previous things.  Intolerant, racist, all those things.  All the labels that the left uses to shut down conversation.  They cover their ears and look at you in horror because God forbid you said something you think - out loud even!  And it's something they don't agree with so instead of discussing or debating - they shut you down by telling you that you are less than them somehow.  It's killing us.
  • Conservatives think with their heads, liberals think with their hearts.  Logic versus emotion.  I am as compassionate as the next person but but I'm not willing to throw out the baby with the bath water. Like the refugee situation - yes, help people. But don't bring them into our country if they could be a danger to us.
Listen. The country has been moving in the wrong direction.  We aren't allowed to identify right or wrong anymore, things are upside down.  It's okay to kill babies and wrong to execute convicted murderers.  Government has failed us.  Politicians go to Washington and come home wealthy.  How? The jobs don't pay that much.  The day after they are elected, they start working on their re-election campaign.  That's what it is about for them.  We need term limits. We need a non-politician in the White House.  We need a media that reports the facts and does not try to influence the story.  We need the American people to be in control and stop letting a bunch of elites at the top run our lives.

A lot of what people are seeing in this election is anger at Barack Obama.  When he wanted something he almost always got it, no matter what he had to do.  Obamacare?  Not one Republican voted for it. It was full of back room deals and promises for votes. That was justified by saying - it was the right thing to do.  Liberals always have the moral high ground, right?  Or how about things Obama couldn't get through congress so he just enacted it using an executive order?  He wanted it, he knew better, he made it happen.  Conservatives were judged to be wrong.  Just wrong and not allowed to have a seat at the table.

I guess it's obvious that I'm angry.  Angry and frustrated and tired of being put down, mocked, and left without a voice.  Many have said it but this election is a big eff you to all who thought we didn't matter because we still pray and believe life is precious and the flag of this country is important.  I believe Barack Obama referred to us as "bitter clingers".  It doesn't matter now.

And last - the big Republican elephant in the room.  Donald J. Trump.  I did vote for him.  Is he prepared to be president?  Probably not.  Is the man a pig with women?  Yeah, I think he is.  Do I care?  Nope.  Being a pig has never stopped women from loving drug addled rock stars who bedded everyone in site in their day, and probably did worse than anything Trump ever wished he had.  I don't care.  Is he unpredictable and petulant sometimes?  Definitely.  He is all kinds of things I don't want in a president.  I wanted someone else, I would have accepted any of the Republicans who were running in the primaries.  But Trump is who we got and you know what?  I said before I voted that I wasn't fond of Trump but I would chew off my right arm before I voted for Hillary.  She is part of the problem, part of big government, corrupt government, and plays by her own set of rules.  I am one of those conservatives who believes she belongs in jail for the things she's done so I certainly wasn't going to vote for her.

So yeah.  I'm a conservative.  Worse - I'm a conservative who voted for Donald Trump.  I have a gun card and I watch Fox News.  And I am not ashamed.  Not apologizing for it now - or ever.

**Edited to add - This morning there are people out there proclaiming that hate has won.  That white 
supremacy has won.  That they are shocked at how many idiots are out there, referring to people who voted for Trump.  THIS is what it's like to be a conservative these days. Maybe those liberals/progressives need to look inward and realize that they are being hateful and intolerant when they look at conservatives the way they do.  Unfortunately our media and entertainment industry are almost entirely liberal and the information they put out is slanted that way.  People look at that as the norm and don't consider that there is another viewpoint and it is a legitimate one.  But obviously there are more of us "idiots" out there than they thought. 

We have finally been heard. 


  1. Well said. You put my thoughts into words beautifully.

  2. Thanks Cathy - so tired of being the idiot. It doesn't apply to us regular folks.

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