Monday, September 19, 2016

So I have this cute little foster cat ..

She's adorable, sweet, and calm.  Fostering is something I've wanted to do for a long time but until I started working from home a lot, I didn't think I could do it.  I stumbled across a local rescue/foster group on Instagram and now - I'm on my second kitty.


This kitty is small, she's afraid of being picked up but loves pets and will curl up next to me on the couch.  Really sweet little girl with Garfield eyes and short little legs.

At first I kept her separate from my cats, but I knew she was vetted and healthy except for an ear infection she has meds for, so 3 days after she was nose to nose with my cats through a baby gate I decided to let her out to explore.  She wasn't afraid and in the first day had climbed up the cat tree to to the top of the china cabinet where my cats like to sleep.  She wasn't afraid of my cats, nor did they find her threatening.

Then she got a wild hair.

Sometime during the night last night strange noises woke me up and there was this little kitty on my dresser - walking between my earring holder and the mirror.  I got there just in time to catch the earring holder before it hit the floor, knowing I wouldn't find all the earrings until morning.  Later .. something did hit the floor and I realized it was my alarm clock.  Yep, it was her again.  A smaller thud - and my router was knocked over.  I vowed to sleep through anything else that happened.

This morning at my desk working I had just called a client when little Miss Thang jumped up on my desk and knocked my tea over .. which spilled on my keyboard!  So there I am talking to a client while rushing into the bathroom and dumping tea out of my keyboard and getting paper towels to clean up the mess.

And I'm laughing.  Couldn't help it!  HAD to laugh.  Sweet little girl kitty - I have no idea if she's ever had a home of her own or if she's ever had the run of a house before.  She'll get used to it.  After all, she's just learning how to cat!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This is what scares me

These two guys.  Well, not these two guys alone, but what these guys represent to me.  These are the young men that asked a man to help them pull their (borrowed without permission) SUV out of a ditch.  This good Samaritan said he would help for $20.00.  While asking for money to assist someone seems to throw shade on the label of good Samaritan, it should not have warranted death.

After pulling the SUV from the ditch - when the man asked for his $20.00 he was shot.  To death.  And the two who had the (borrowed without permission) SUV returned it to the parking lot from where they had taken it.

When police arrested them - they both confessed, one to being there and the other to shooting the man.

I would ask that you not look at their color.  Look at their ages - 17 and 19.  Look at the depravity in rewarding someone who aided them with a death sentence.  Look at a part of society that values life so little that it would think shooting someone instead of giving them $20.00 is the better option.

This isn't about guns.  This isn't even necessarily about crime.  It is about what people value and what they don't.  It is about generations of children being raised with so little self-respect or respect for others that they take what they want - including the lives of other people.  There is no respect for personal property, for what people have gained through hard work and sacrifice, and God help us there is no respect for human life.

Do their own lives mean so little to them that they cannot understand the immorality of taking someone elses?  And just how are children raised to not believe in right or wrong, and how do they grow up without a conscience?  It would seem a conscience would be innate, something you are born with and have to work NOT to have.  But I'm no psychologist or anthropologist or sociologist or whatever 'gist' would study this kind of thing.  I just know this scares the hell out of my me.

Value life.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Selfish. Just selfish.

TV these days doesn't interest me much.  Let me clarify - TV is on ALL the time at my house. During the week when I am not working - the news is on.  I do DVR General Hospital, my guilty pleasure, but I've never seen Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Glee or Game of Thrones. Late night before bed it's Forensic Files, Homicide Hunter or anything similar.  But in the last 4 years or so I have developed an addiction to Criminal Minds.  It started when I stumbled across weekend marathons and couldn't tear myself away.

The show has gone through many changes, most long running shows do.  But there is a core group of people I associate with the show, the cast members I have seen the most.  Mandy Patinkin was great, but he was on before I started watching so I never missed him.  When A.J. Cook was gone for a while I did miss her, and most recently when Shemar Moore left the show I really wondered what would happen.

But now.  THOMAS GIBSON HAS BEEN FIRED!!  HOTCH!  The boss, the unsmiling agent who lost his wife to a sick serial killer, who has a little boy at home and is remarkably loyal to his team.

Unfortunately the anger management classes Thomas Gibson was required to take a couple years ago after a physical altercation on-set didn't take, and after kicking (kicking???) a writer recently, he was suspended and now fired.  Not gonna lie, there's a part of me that wants that writer to suck it up and for the people involved to move past it. Obviously that's me being selfish.

Couldn't he have controlled his temper for us? For the people who watch and really love the show? I'm kinda devastated by this.  Not because Thomas Gibson is leaving the show.  But because of what his leaving may do to the show.  They say everyone is expendable.  Apparently Thomas Gibson didn't think so.  Now he knows so.  He's the selfish one.

Sigh-h-h.  Sad.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I've been officially outed!

Outed as .. OLD.

My daughter loves nothing more than shopping at thrift stores.  Well, I imagine she loves her husband more, and her dog, and her friends and the rest of her family, but when it comes to shopping, she loves thrift stores.  Yesterday we had a mommy and me shopping trip to one of our large, local thrift shops.

We picked things out, tried things on, and marveled at the amazing array of ugly and worn, as well.  In the end Dani had picked out a bunch of things, I had my share as well, and we went to the register to pay.  The young man rang everything up and as he was handing me the receipt he said "your total would have been $150.00 but because Tuesday is 30% off .. "

Wait!  What?  We accidentally stumbled on the one sale day a week ..?

He explained further "well, on Tuesdays anyone who is 55 years old or older gets 30% off any
purchases  ..."  he paused .. "and I didn't KNOW, but I just took the 30% off anyway" he finished quickly.

Hmmm.  Who doesn't love a sale, right?  But I'm 56 years old - and apparently - I LOOK like it!  Sigh-h-h.  Or maybe - he was a young enough guy that anyone over 40 would look old enough for the discount to him.  Or maybe it's because I stopped dying my hair.  Or .. oh hell.  I AM old enough for the discount.

My FIRST senior discount moment.

My daughter of course leaped to take advantage "Hey Mom!  I'm going to be calling you and asking if you want to go shopping on 'old people Tuesday' now!"

I love my daughter.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mmmm, mmmm good!

My mom was not known for her cooking.  Not that she was a bad cook, it was just something she really didn't enjoy doing and when she actually did it, it was with little imagination.

When my parents divorced I was 11 years old.  It was pretty much just me and my mom from then on
- and since she worked until 7:30 in the evening I had to fend for myself.  I lived on things like Beef-a-roni, Swanson's chicken and noodles TV dinners, mac 'n cheese, pot pies, and the occasional steak I would throw in the broiler.  Oh, and Velveeta cheese sandwiches.  Loved those!  Every once in a while my mom would call home and have me put a pot roast on or have me make spaghetti sauce and we would eat late when she got home.

Needless to say my cooking skills never fully developed either, and as much as I try now - I cannot manage to imagine anything new to eat - even when I scour the Internet for recipes it usually ends up being the same type of foods.  Pretty mid-western, stick to your ribs kind of fare. Ordinary.

After my mom passed and we were talking about her, my brother told me he had her recipe box "if you can call it that" he said.  He was laughing when he said "most of her recipes start with some kind of Campbell's soup!"

Sounds fabulous to me!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where are the over 50 ladies?

When I started my blog a million years ago, I searched and found blogs to read.  In the beginning it was mostly mommy bloggers, relating to their stories of family, kids, and home was very natural to me.  But now being 56 years old I find myself in search of my contemporaries.  Where are you ladies of my age?

Since being away from my blog, many that I used to read are gone, abandoned, shut down, or disappeared.  And I'm not as interested in many of those anymore anyway.  There were a couple directories I looked at tonight - looking for blogs specifically for my age group.  Not fashion over 50, fitness over 50, love over 50 .. any of those things.  Just thoughts from people who have lived as much as I have.

Where are you, ladies?  Or .. even men, I guess.  Where are you?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where does your brain go when your doctor says it's cancer?

My doctor didn't use the word cancer.  Neither did I. He said adenocarcinoma and I said what do I need to do?  My brain pushed the word away while simultaneously digesting it and rushing to next steps.  Let's not dwell on what, let's concentrate on what to do about it.

I remember my stomach dropping and my eyes filling with tears, but I also remember pushing that away with an urgency to get beyond REacting to get to actually acting. WHAT NEXT?

People all react differently I imagine.  And I'm equally sure their reaction is colored by what kind of
diagnosis they are receiving.  I was extremely lucky.  This was colon cancer, one polyp found during a colonoscopy that when removed did not appear to be anything, but the biopsy showed otherwise.  Still, only one polyp, only the chance that a bit of cancer had invaded the colon wall.  The treatment?  Remove about 6 inches of intestine at the cecum, including the ileocecal valve.  No chemo, no radiation, no anything beyond that besides having regular colonoscopies on a more regular basis for the rest of my life.  A VERY small price to pay for having found this tiny bit of cancer so early that I consider it cancer with a small "c", as opposed to the big "C".

So am I a cancer survivor?  I suppose.  But it's embarrassing to say that considering what so many others have gone through.  It was all over so fast because I wanted it to be, and I barely allowed myself to think about it AS cancer.  Now that it's past and the only remaining reminder is the difference in my digestion, I don't HAVE to think about it.

What I DO think about though, is keeping up with my health, blood work, and whatever tests I should be having at this point in my life.  Things I did take seriously before, but not quite as seriously as I should have.

It's definitely something to think about, whether or not you have ever had this particular diagnosis.  Had a colonoscopy lately?