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And here they are!

Meet Thelma Emmett and Louise!  It's not a high quality photo but it is the first picture I took of them when I put them into my car to take them home.

Today they went to the vet for the first time and were pronounced ADORABLE by the vet techs there.  Did you know that even people who see cats and kittens every day for a living - still "squeeeeee!!!" when it comes to babies?  Yeah.  

Sweet.  Welcome, babies!

Monday, June 30, 2014

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In pursuit of the perfect comfort

Thirty pounds down and I still find myself trying to find ways of eating my favorite comfort foods - without actually doing it.  Well that's just crazy!  But for me this is a huge change!  It would be lovely to be able to eat ice cream, but be satisfied with just a 1/4 cup. But no, if I have even that much my heart pounds, I have hot flashes, I feel nauseated and 30 minutes later - it has completely emptied itself from my system. Quickly.  If you know what I mean.  Sorry.

Have to change this way of thinking!!
But I asked for that.  For me - my love of all things sweet has been my downfall my whole life.  So this is aversion therapy for me.  If my knowledge of how bad this stuff is for me doesn't get me to stop - then really uncomfortable physical symptoms should.  It's called dumping syndrome - and it's one reason I chose this particular surgery. I know myself well enough to know I wouldn't stay away from sweets if left to my own devices and I had to make sweets punishing for me.  Sounds harsh but I'm stubborn.  It's been 2 months and I am still sticking my toes in the dessert waters, thinking - oh I'll try just a little of this .. !  Don't know what's wrong with me but my drive for sugar is strong.

It's a slow process undoing a lifetime of bad eating habits.  But I am working on getting plenty of protein, taking my vitamins, walking for exercise and finding new ways of doing everything "food".  I will say - if this is successful for me - it should be successful for others who have a sugar addiction because no one self-sabatages like I do.  SHEESH!

BUT - so far, so good.