Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Recipe! Chicken Infused Biscuit Mass!

What?  You haven't heard of it before?  Me neither.  But I made it none the less.


It's what happens when your crock pot is too small (apparently) for the recipe you are following, and when you use big honkin' biscuits instead of the puny store brand I guess.  It was supposed to be chicken and dumplings but when it started seeping out and over the edges of the crock pot and had to be transferred into the oven in a casserole dish, I had to recognize the aggressiveness of big biscuits.  It was a little like one of those old black and white horror flicks .. The Blob, maybe.  They took over the chicken, the broth and soup, they sopped up all the liquid and sucked the chicken into them.  I understand the concept of bread soaking up liquid but these biscuits took over the crock pot and then the casserole dish to the point that this recipe turned out to be more of a loaf.

For the record the recipe called for 3 tins of biscuits and when my son brought home the ginormous ones I only used 2.  I cut them into quarters as the recipe directed.  I thought that would be an appropriate amount considering they were larger than your average biscuits.  Heh.

It had good flavor though.  For real.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

In control.

Seeing lots of these lately.

Signs telling me where to go .. even when my GPS identifies the location I'm supposed to be at as a parking garage ... 

I'm learning tricks to remembering where I park - thank goodness for my phone!

The inside of my car is more familiar to me than ever before, and my my GPS is my friend.

Sometimes I get to do this in the middle of the day.  I'm learning to sit in a restaurant (Denny's is TOO a restaurant!) alone and enjoy the experience.

And at home - I am still trying to convince myself that I will finally get why other people like coffee so much - by setting it up in an appealing manner.  The verdict is still out on that one.

I've gone a little clock crazy..

am taking care of my itty bitty winged kitty -

I've been accepted into an I.T. certification program, and the smell of baked apples is wafting through my house.

All in all I would say - life is good.


Monday, October 22, 2012

The visitor

Well Hello!  This guy was up on the railing of my deck, apparently.  I saw him staring at me when I went into a cabinet to get some cat food.  I put my finger up to the glass and he put his foot to the glass.  I tapped on the window and he put his nose close as if to try to smell me.  He would come close and then back up, come close .. then back up again.  He didn't leave until one of the cats started hissing and howling at him.

No, I'm not going to try to feed him, not going to believe he's tame and encourage his presence in my yard.  But while he was here .. we had a moment.

That's all.


Maxine Monday

~ * ~

~ * ~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not feelin' it.

I'm busy, I'm tired and did I mention I'm busy?  Managed to meet my daughter for dinner tonight, but mostly I'm busy, in case I didn't say that already.


Just sayin'.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clara's Kitchen

Growing up, my mother's parents were the only grandparents we had, and we didn't see them very often. They lived in Michigan and we would drive up from Illinois maybe once or twice a year to visit them. By the time I was 14 both of them were gone. They were somewhat remote - children are seen and not heard - kind of people and I really don't have many up close and personal memories of them.

Maybe that's what attracts me to Clara.

Clara is in her 90's and her grandson decided to capture her on video and share her on YouTube. She cooks meals from the depression, or old Italian recipes as well. And she tells stories and recounts bits and pieces of what it was like to grow up such a long time ago when things were so very different.

I bought her book and am delighted to discover it is filled with more stories of her life, pictures and practical tips of all kinds sprinkled through it. I am not sure I will try her recipes - although I might. But for now, I think I will just enjoy Clara, on video and in words, and enjoy a grandma's wisdom.


Monday, October 1, 2012