Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waited for it

It's been well established that I love sugar. White sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, and powdered sugar. I love sugar. So of course the universe decides sugar is bad for me. I mean, really. I needed a substitute.

Every morning there are 2 travel sized mugs of tea poured down my gullet, the first cup is lemon - the second cup is Tetley. This is my routine. Each has 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 packets of Equal in it. That is my preference, that is how sweet I like it.

You would think I would switch to just Equal when I found out I shouldn't have the sugar. No. It had to be something BETTER. After an Internet search I found . . .


Did you hear the chorus of angels?


Neither did I. Now I have 3 boxes of packets and 2 pouches equal to 4 cups of sugar to use up.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost the coolest thing ever!

We all know the microscope is the coolest thing ever. But this is sweet. Okay so I sort of asked for this for Christmas. Since the diabetes thing I have been thinking a lot about health in general. I found this nifty little (and I mean little) medical gadget and I HAD to have it.

You can buy it in silver or gold, my photography doesn't show it well, but mine is silver. It's maybe about an inch long and I wanted to wear mine around my neck but it also comes with a little connector thingy for my key chain if that's what I choose.

So what does this little piece of jewelry do? Why, it stores all my medical history!

Because . . . it is a USB drive!

You wear it, or carry it, and if something happens to you, emergency workers look for this kind of thing these days - they not only have your name and age but your 'conditions', illnesses, and your medications and dosages. If you have them available you can even upload your latest blood work to it as well as your insurance information including scans of the front and back of your card.

All of the pertinent information during an emergency displays on a single page, including your emergency contacts. No one but you can change the information because that is password protected. But an emergency worker can plug it into a computer and read all about you. No, my social security number is not in there. But my weight is - which is just as much of a secret to me!

I don't know about you, but I'll share my illnesses and meds with an emergency room physician any day of the week if that happens to be the week I pass out in the grocery store for no apparent reason. You hope things like that never happen but - I like the idea that something like this can be covered so easily and unobtrusively.

The chain that came with it is not to my fancy, it's a bit heavy duty. So I will find another chain I like better and I'll be set. According to the FAQs on the website, this little USB fob can be worn in the shower even though the back of it does not have a cover. My thought is - I will get a chain I can pull over my head and I'll just slip that puppy off before my shower. Not that I don't believe them, but this thing is cool. I want to keep it.

Somebody have an elderly parent? A kid with special needs? Somebody you love who needs meds? Yeah. It's a cool thing. And no, nobody asked me to say that. I just think it's awesome.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One day to the next.

My glucose is all over the place. It's like nailing Jello to a wall - I can't get a handle on it. I have the same breakfast almost every day. Whole wheat bagel with Amercan cheese. I usually have some cucumbers in vinegar sweet and sour dressing mid morning. Don't judge. Lunch might be a salad or a small salad and something else, a sandwich on whole grain bread, whatever. Dinner, eh! Rarely the same, some days big - some days not. On days I think I've eaten very badly or been a total couch potato (okay, MORE of a couch potato) - frequently my glucose is better than I would expect. On my son's birthday when he wanted pizza and I gladly ate it, followed by cannoli (oh yes I did), my glucose wasn't that bad the next morning.

I can't think of a thing I did differently today from any other day except having a handful of peanuts (if I have nuts, it's usually almonds). Yet today I had the best reading I've had since I started bleeding myself on a daily basis. What gives?

Obviously I just don't get it.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cause I said so. Just sayin'.

My rules.

If you want to drive in front of me you have to at least drive the speed limit. A bit faster would be nice.

If you want to drive in front of me do not tap your breaks every 50 feet just to see .. something. You must be trying to see something but I don't think like you so I have no
idea what you're checking out.

If you want to sell me a purse online you must show me all of it. That means the front, the back, how it looks with a person holding or wearing it. And you must show me THE INSIDE! I need to see if it is a cavernous open space, if it is an organized divided space, if there are zipper pockets and or pen holders. I want to see it all. You want me to buy it? Show me.

If you want to live in my house and continue to be fed - don't poop on my shoes! (or my bed, closet floor, or any other place you know you should not poop.)

If you want to drive behind me make sure you are far enough back that I can at least see your headlights in my rearview mirror. If you are so close I cannot even see your lights you run the strong risk of my starting to drive ve-e-r-r-y-y s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y-y - which I may accomplish with a very quick deceleration of speed. Think fast!

If you go through the drive thru at the pharmacy, be dropping off or picking up, not both. Do not go through the drive thru to get your new insurance card put into their computers or to argue about whether or not you have another refill. Drive thrus are meant to be fast. Other people who are just dropping off or picking up may be waiting behind you.

If you want to shop in the grocery store when I am there, keep your kids somewhere within the same zip code and for goodness sakes drive your cart on the right side of the aisle! Pretend it's a road and there is a side that belongs to you and a side that belongs to the other guy. And please, do not stop abruptly.

Oh and one more thing. If you have cookies to sell, political views to push, a vaccum cleaner to delight my eyes with - if you do not know me personally, do not step foot on my driveway unless it is to go down, toward, and across the street. And for the sake of all that's good in this world - do not step foot on my porch or even think about ringing my doorbell.

Thank you for listening.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My name is BetteJo and I have a problem.

It's blogs. My blogs, your blogs, everybody's blogs. I bought some blog software for myself because I can't stop playing with stuff!! It's a sickness! I've redone one blog and am now designing random templates for nobody and nothing, just practicing.

I seem to have a need to create but when I start - I cannot stop. It's 11:30 right now, I am usually in bed by now with 2 tea mugs ready for morning as well as my meds in a little cup, my glucose meter and glasses in place, and cat food on the counter ready to be dished out. My lunch to bring to work is usually made, my makeup is off and I have lotioned and paid attention to whatever needs tending to.

UH UH! Not tonight. I can sit here and say "I'll stop in 10 minutes" all night long and next thing you know I've used up an entire evening or like last weekend - a whole weekend. And all I'm doing is PLAYING!

No discipline at my house.

Monday, January 4, 2010