100 Things and more


100 Things you never wanted to 
know about me

1.      My first car was a purple 1970, Dodge Dart

2.      I've got arthritis in my thumbs.

3.      I cannot sing.  Don't make me prove it. 
4.      I got a really high score in Science on my ACTS.  ???

5.      I do not have a middle name.
6.      I am missing the shopping gene.
7.      I love shoes but my feet are wide so I don't have nearly as many as I would like.

8.      My favorite all time movie is HAIR.

9.      I have no organizational skills what-s0-ever.

10.  I believe candy is a food group.
11.  I tell people way more about me than I should.

12.  I hate the telephone, hate it I tell ya!

13.  I use too many exclamation marks and it annoys me yet I don’t stop.

14.  I listen to talk radio.

15.  I fall asleep to forensics on TV every.single.night.

16.  I’m not a coffee drinker, I drink tea.

17.  I hate being cold, I have a small heater on my desk at work.

18.  I love me a nap!

19.  I am medicated.  Properly.

20.  I’m the baby of the family.  What do you mean you can tell??

21.  I get bored with my hair and change it fairly often.

22.  I am NOT a morning person.  Do not test this one.

23.  I enjoy my own company just fine thank you.

24.  I am not a great cook.  Just okay.

25.  I think cheese is the perfect food.

26.  I quit smoking about 5-ish years ago.

27.  I love to drink pop first thing in the morning.

28.  Yes, it is pop, not soda.

29.  I love gay men.

30.  I do not like feeling dependent on anyone.

31.  I have horrible eating habits.

32.  My daughter is a vegetarian and I didn’t even come close to raising her that way.

33.  Sleep is a self-defense mechanism for me.

34.  I fight any character traits I have that are like my father’s.

35.  I am totally detail oriented about things computer related.

36.  I have always wished I was more ambitious.

37.  I sleep with a stuffed Eyeore when there isn’t a cat in the way.

38.  If I had been a boy my name would have been Douglas.

39.  If my nose were shaped differently I would have had it pierced.

40.  I was named after an old girlfriend of my father’s.

41.  I am in favor of morning coming later in the day.

42.  Let’s just say I am not very graceful.

43.  I have 2 tattoos.

44.  I have to force myself to drink water.  It’s so boring.

45.  I prefer email to most other forms of communication.

46.  I procrastinate.

47.  My favorite story as a kid was about a little boy who died while people were saying his name because it was so long.  I can still recite it.  Sticky Sticky Stumbo Nose E Rumbo E Pro Pennyo Hara Bara Brisko Nicky Prom Po Nish No Mennyo Dumbricko.

48.  I plucked most of my eyebrows out in 8th grade and high school and they never grew back.  I have to draw them on.

49.  I am not very good with money.  Keeping it, I mean.

50.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.

51.  I’m distracted by shiny objects.

52.  I don’t like hardly any foods considered good for me.

53.  I’d like to find a diet where I lose weight but can still eat all the carbs I want.

54.  I have no sense of direction what-so-ever.

55.  My hair is actually my natural color for now.  Field mouse gray.  Sigh. 

56.  My hair will not stay this color much longer.  It’s been fun.

57.  I cannot tolerate any kind of cloth on my teeth or see it on anyone else’s.  Makes me physically shudder and get skeeved out.

58.  I used to stuff the liver and lima beans I hated through the heat grate under our dining room table.  My Mom didn’t find out until we moved from that house when I was 18.  The heat must have totally dried up the food – there were pieces of petrified liver still in there. 

59.  I usually forget that drinking alcohol is an option.

60.  I love antique shops.

61.  I collect Fireking creamers and sugar bowls.  Or, I used to.

62.  I also used to collect fairies. 

63.  Now I collect beads.

64.  I have also hoarded fabric, particularly fat quarters, in my time.

65.  I had a dream that George Bush was mad at me for mentioning Mike Huckabee.

66.  I have no desire to get married again.

67.  My daughter has forbidden me to go “fog-walking” ever since I broke my ankle while taking a walk on a lovely foggy February evening.  But – I like fog!

68.  When I was a kid I was afraid of the Wolfman’s feet in the fog at the beginning of Creature Features.

69.  I was much more wild as a kid than my kids are.  Thank God.

70.  I like plastic silverware to eat certain things.  Like yogurt.  Plastic spoons are best for yogurt.

71.  I once could not give blood because I didn’t weigh enough.  Seriously.

72.  I hate the newspaper.  Especially hate it delivered.

73.  I love sleeping with the windows open when it’s raining.

74.  I love the sound of a train in the distance, especially at night when everything is quiet.

75.  I prefer non-fiction.  When I was younger it was the complete opposite.

76.  The phrase “dragged by a bus” used to always make me laugh.  Haven’t heard it for a while so I don’t know if it still does.
77.  Since I type so much now I find I can barely write in cursive anymore.  When I try I mess it up so if I must use a pen and paper – I print.  Usually in all caps.

78.  Boxer briefs.

79.  I hate incense.

80.  I love spell-check!

81.  If I had known I was getting a divorce I probably wouldn’t have gotten my tubes tied but looking back – it was most likely for the best.

82.  I still miss smoking.

83.  I have a high pain tolerance.

84.  I’ve given birth to 2 children and 3 kidney stones.  Probably why I have a high pain tolerance.

85.  I’ve never gotten a professional manicure or pedicure.

86.  I passed out when I had my ears pierced the first time.

87.  They had to use smelling salts on me when I got my first tattoo.  The second time I told them sooner.

88.  I almost passed out watching my Mom get her ears pierced.

89.  I always have the TV on whether I am watching it or not.

90.  My eyes change color and are a beautiful deep turquoise when I cry.

91.  I got my 2nd tattoo on Sweetest Day because I was angry with my boyfriend.  I mostly forget I have that one because I can’t see it.

92.  I loved the Jetsons when I was little.

93.  I’m knock-kneed and have always hated it.

94.  I don’t swear in front of my children.

95.  I clean best when I am really mad.

96.  I don’t really have a favorite color.

97.  Reading blogs that are dark with light print are difficult for me.

98.  I’m not entirely satisfied with the kind of mother I have been, but my kids are turning out great in spite of that.

99.  I’ve had chicken pox, measles, but not the mumps.

100.    I never believed I would be able to get to a hundred in one evening!!!

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