Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I thought I was gonna die!

The snow was coming down!  It was blizzard conditions and cars were moving slowly as the snow worsened.  A commute that normally takes 30 minutes took 3 times that long!  Visions of being trapped in my car for days ran through my head.  Running out of gas from idling too long, having to melt snow for something to drink before help could arrive .. slowly starving ...


There's always a bag of trail mix in my car.  :)  Yes there IS something in there besides chips!

Anyway, here is a tiny slice of my commute tonight when I was on one 5 mile stretch of road for a good 45 minutes.  And don't start with me about using my phone while driving.  When I was moving I was going about TWO MPH.  I don't call that driving!  Oh, and somebody needs to tell me that when I shoot video with my phone I really oughta turn the dang thing sideways.  Sheesh!

Lady B - you sure you'd like more snow in London?  

Monday, February 25, 2013

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

That ice cream is SO BAD!

Since the cat clinic has become my second home lately, I have become quite friendly with the staff there.  It's a great bunch of ladies and I enjoy talking with them.  Between work appointments I needed to stop to pick up some tubing .. er .. never mind.  Cat supplies.  I was speaking to - I will call her "Carol" - because that is her name.

Carol: I have news! I found the cannoli ice cream. I bought 2 pints .. I was going to buy 4 but decided on 2.  Boy I'm glad I only bought 2 because it's awful!

Me: What? Awful? Really? What's so awful about it?

Carol: Well I should have read the container. They used mascarpone instead of ricotta, there were pieces of chocolate covered cannoli shell which I thought was kind of weird ..

She continued to tell me all things wrong with the ice cream and I figured I would try it anyway if I ever found it, but I might not try to find it quite so hard!

After leaving I called the BF and here is what we said.

Me: I have some news about the cannoli ice cream!

He: News? What?

Me: Carol at the cat clinic found it - she said she was going to buy 4 pints but was glad she only bought 2 because it was awful!

He: Awful?

Me: That's what she said. I don't think I will rely on her opinion, I mean, I'd still like to try it, but she said it's awful. So funny, she almost bought 4 pints - that's how badly she wanted it to be good!

He: Well .. Happy Valentine's day Honey - you have 4 pints of cannoli ice cream in your freezer right now!


Happy Valentine's Day!

For real???

Have you seen or heard those ads for utility providers offering to charge you less for your natural gas or electricity?  I thought I would compare the price one such company was advertising, against what I was currently paying per "therm" for gas.  This is what I found on my gas provider's site.

Regardless of who you voted for, I can't imagine anyone thinking President Obama was arranging for the government to pay their gas bills!  It takes all kinds I guess.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Perfect backdrop!

I have this really strong urge to go scoop the cat boxes.  Oh look!  The state of the union address is about to start, what a coincidence!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

If you have the time ..

This is from the prayer breakfast in Washington on Thursday morning.  It is almost 30 minutes long.  Wait!  Don't go!  This really is worth watching - someone who isn't just blaming the other guy - somebody with answers.  I hope you have some time to watch it, or maybe bookmark it and come back.  I know, I know, OMG it's C-Span!  Heh.  I enjoyed it.  Especially the parts that made the President squirm a bit.  But you don't have to be of my political persuasion to get something out of it.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here - put on these really tight pants and come with me!

If on your birthday your spouse handed you a pair of spandex pants and told you to put them on - you were going somewhere special for your birthday, would you do as told without question?  That's exactly what Dan did on his 30th birthday when Dani surprised him with an unusual gift. When they got to where they were going - Dan was giddy with excitement!  I would have been throwing up. Of course that would have been because of the pants.

Enjoy a small bit of their adventure!

Part of what made the gift special was that not only did Dani give Dan a trapeze lesson, she did it with him.  The best part for me?  They both made it back alive!  For the record, they are both still crazy.

Would you do it?

Monday, February 4, 2013