Monday, July 30, 2007

Addicted for sure

Addicted to blogs. I admit it. I love to read blogs. I told myself that I was going to put a limit on myself, that I would check my regular blogs once (okay maybe twice) a day and maybe take a peek at a few I don't have links to but are in my favorites. So I looked through the list this morning. Not a whole lot of new posts, so when I looked again late morning I told myself the earlier check hadn't counted because I hadn't found new posts. (rationalizing)

Early afternoon when I checked again I justified it by saying to myself that I did not want to miss any new posts from my favorite bloggers - a lot could happen in a couple of hours!

Couldn't it?

Early this evening when I clicked through my list again I told myself it would be the last time today, yes it would, the last time. But it bothered me that one or two of the bloggers I admire hadn't posted in a couple of days and I was just waiting for them to post again!

By 8:30 this evening I was looking again, if somewhat furtively, I wouldn't have been surprised to have found my palms sweating as I satisfied this urge that I was helpless against. I. have. to. know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know of a program, a self help group, anonymous meetings, a sponsor perhaps? Is this normal in any sense of the word?

I'll just tell myself it is - yeah, everybody does this, everybody likes reading about other people's lives, hanging on every word, relishing every well turned phrase, and delighting in every humorous passage! They do!

They don't? Do I need help?
I'm posting some pics of earrings here, this is a style I like to wear as a casual every day type earring, I have made them with many different stones and in many different colors. Please, have a look!


  1. I love writing my blog and I love reading other people's!

    Instead of saying "addiction" you can call it... let's see... a preference, a pastime, a compelling interest.

    Or call it "research" and then chuckle to yourself.

  2. This is how I handle my addiction: I work from home as an editor. Every time I finish a task on my to-do list, I treat myself by visiting a cyber-friend's blog. It makes me get the work done! I love your earrings, especially bottom row, middle!

  3. We can start our own group. I won't even tell you how long I have been sitting here today. I need to go do a task then treat myself...I wish I were that strong.

  4. Helen - I think compulsion might do it!

    nutmeg - I wish I had your discipline - but maybe that's why I don't work at home - I don't have any! Oh - and those are my favorite earrings out of the bunch too - as you can tell by my blog - I like bright colors!

    Tonia - I know what you mean totally. I am at a computer all day at work and when I get home - frequently it is the same thing. Honestly - I'm glad I didn't have the Internet when my kids were little. I would have been a terrible mother. :(

  5. I'm restricting myself to visiting a few blogs for now because I am afraid of what would happen if I didn't-that I would become a hardcore blog junkie, reading blogs 24/7!
    Very pretty earrings by the way....

  6. Beautiful jewelry! Do you ever work with glass at all?

    I used to think I wasn't addicted until last week when the broadband cable went out for days *shudder*

    It wasn't pretty ...

  7. Don't worry..we are all addicted too! We are all friends! Consider it another version of calling up a friend to see how they are doing, right? But I have a better way if you don't know about it yet...maybe you do...anyways, try subscribing to Bloglines. You get all your favorite blogs on there and whenever someone posts something new a little alert appears at the bottom bar on your computer and lets you know!It's great! try it!

  8. I am a total blogstalker...

    I tend to visit and revisit until there is something new up...I am also addicted to checking my email...
    Luckily I now work from home...

    I love the jewelry!