Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Going to hell for sure!

Today is cold. I mean freeze the snot in your nose so you hold your breath cold. It's 8F (and the F doesn't stand for Fahrenheit) degrees, and it's windy. All day at work I could hear the wind whipping the flag against the flagpole outside my window.

Living in the midwest I am used to cold in the winter. I am used to measuring the temperature with the wind chill figured in. But today - today it's just going through my bones. I can't get warm!

So I figured it was a good day to send my son out to get some chicken for dinner and put gas in my car. Cause I'm mean like that. He's young, refuses to wear a winter coat, let's see how tough he is!

But sometimes that boy does make me laugh.

Oh, I know it's not funny when somebody dies. I apologize for the tastelessness of this comment ahead of time. But I just had to post it. Besides, I'm pretty sure that the friends and family of the person involved stopped reading my blog a long time ago.

My son came home from work, walked in the door and said

"Jake Gyllenhaal is a widow."

I laughed till I cried.

I'm going to hell for sure.


  1. Hmm, so they grow in usefulness over the years then, both in form and function!
    BEst wishes

  2. I guess I'll be right behind you.. the Amazon could only mutter, "thats so WRONG" while she wiped away tears of laughter.

    Naughty BetteJo!!!

  3. Oaky...I think you have figured it out by now that I'm a bit slow...but what is this about?

  4. That is hilarious!! Move over, I'm coming with you!!