Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is there hope for me?

I just bought a Wii. I know I'm late to this party but I had to wait until I had the money to buy
said Wii, without getting the phone turned off or God forbid - the internet! So yeah. I just bought it. And I am excited.

I also bought Wii Fit to go with it because honestly that's what it's all about for me. Finding ways to move my body that don't completely feel like torture. Sometimes I think I need to remove all comfortable furniture from my house so maybe I would be forced to stop sitting. all. the. time.

I'm looking forward to stepping on the thingy and letting it calculate my BMI while watching my little personalized Wii character blow up into something resembling Jabba the Hutt. Okay, maybe not looking forward to that part. But I am looking forward to trying the things I've heard other people talking about. I'm sure that for a lot of people Wii Fit turns into the electronic version of the treadmill with laundry hanging on it and it may become that for me too. But I need to find that out for myself.

What I wanted to know from anyone who has the game system, what else do I need to get right away? I bought the game console which comes with Wii Sports. Then I tacked on Wii Fit. It will probably only be me using it but there is the possibility I may rope my son or BF into doing it with me sometime. So do I need to buy extra remotes, a charger, any of that kind of thing? I'm just looking for recommendations. I am assuming that the 2 things I bought comes with what you need to use it. But since I've never even seen one before, I have no idea what one needs to use it!!!

So, if anyone can tell me what I need I would appreciate the info and it would be wonderful to hear from somebody who LOVES their Wii and who has lost loads of weight using Wii Fit. Success stories, if you will. Anybody? Buehler?


  1. I shall wait to hear how it works out for you as I don't have one. I keep hearing how wonderful it is.

  2. We have one in the house. I have not used it. The grandkids and my husband use it mostly. Something called Mario cart. My husband gets frustrated using it with the kids when they spend more time choosing their characters than playing.We don't have Wii fit just some games like bowling. I think they each have a remote. But don't consider me an expert.

  3. We don't have one (we don't even have a TV) but I would love to try the Wii Fit! I hear great things about it! I don't know at all what you might need...I'm lucky I can figure out how to work my cellphone most days.

  4. I have a Wii Fit but as with most things - I used it a lot at the start and now the novelty has worn off... I hope you enjoy yours :)

  5. Let us know how it works out for you. I have been considering trying out the Wii Fit because I know that I will never make it to a gym.

  6. I used my brothers console and had so much fun with the step aerobics thing. 3 minutes at a time and I kept restarting. I was quite impressed with my 21 minutes. I bought myself an expensive treadmill and now wish I had just got the Wii instead. Ah well