Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have a Grandpuppy!!

Her name is Rue. She is 8 weeks old and a beagle mix. Not sure what the 'mix' is. Isn't she adorable?

Her first day home she slept through the night except for a teensy bit of fussiness that she worked out on her own before she fell back to sleep.

She's an active little thing and cute as a button. Yes, as a button! Maybe next time I will remember to take a family portrait but right now it's all about the baby!

And no, um ... she has not met the cats. I suspect Rue will like them more than they will like her!



  1. She is just too cute! Gotta love the puppies.

  2. She is simply precious, you will have to continue with the pix so we can see her grow up. OMG

    Oh, and tell the Bears that next time we will crush them...crush them.

    Penalties, penalties, and more penalties.

  3. She is adorable !What a cutiepie.
    I had a little beagle once too ,she was a sweety, I treated her like she was one of my kids but hairier .

  4. Adorable! Can't wait till I hear how the cats take to Rue. Actually a good friend of ours called their dog Rue too.