Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gary Cooper doesn't have the clout he used to.

I’m not good with mailing things these days.  Since I started paying all of my bills online, writing a check by hand is foreign to me, and putting a stamp on an envelope and putting it in a mailbox is totally not done anymore.  Well, by me.  I get copious amounts of mail, but I don’t sent copious amounts out.

So when I had to send some stuff to my brother in a large envelope, I had no idea how much postage to put on it.  It was light, I just didn’t want to fold it.  I thought Gary Cooper would cover it.  I mean, it was a big stamp!  It doesn’t work that way?


You are correct, apparently. Gary Cooper batting his baby blues wasn’t enough to mail this large envelope from the Midwest to the east coast.  If it were me I would have let it go I mean – who uses big stamps with pictures of fabulous dead celebrities on them, anyway?  The pleasure it brought to some postal worker should have made up for a few cents.

But NO-O-O-o-o-o-o … !!

I had to get my hand slapped with this!

Now it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen that message stamped on a piece of mail, but the last time I recall seeing the amount of postage due written in that little space.  And I believe I took the amount due, put it in another envelope and put it in my mailbox for my letter carrier who had generously fronted me the due-age.  Couldn’t they have done that?? 

Instead they never delivered it to my brother, they just sent it back to me, marring Gary’s face with that inky stamp covering his handsome visage. 

Oh the humanity.  It’s just sad, it's true - there is no civility left in America. 



  1. I think the good old days of civility are long gone. No respect for anything any more. And didn't they used to give the person the mail was sent to the option of paying the few cents that were due? Guess they don't do that either.

  2. Oh! I wrote two checks out yesterday to pay bills here, the Island is so behind. They are once a year payments for licensing so they can be to the exception. I don't have my morning reading eyes on yet, what does it say in that hand, "Torned to reader, Pumpkin butt?"

  3. The cost of mailing things is insane!