Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ice, anyone?

Do you have a smart phone?  Do you have an ICE app on it?  In Case of Emergency is what it stands for.  I put one on the first screen of my iPhone a couple years ago, thinking it was a good idea but that I would probably never need it.  But as I was crouching on the ceiling of my car and the fireman outside the door was asking me questions about medical conditions and medications - I reached in my purse and handed him my phone with the ICE app open.  I could have answered his questions but it would have taken more time and honestly, at that moment my brain just wasn't going to the names of the meds I take.  If I had been unconscious - I wouldn't have been able to tell them at all.

The app I use is free, very simple, and has places to fill in the info any emergency worker needs to know.  My name and address, my emergency contacts, if I have any medical conditions, if I take any medications and if so - which ones.  All very important if you are in an accident or collapsed because of some kind of physical problem.  I was never sure whether first responders would actually use that type of thing, but they do.  It's not silly to have one on your phone, and very well could save your life.

Just sayin'.



  1. Excellent idea! Putting one on my iPhone now!

  2. YEY!! I found you again! Have missed you!! Hadn't blogged much in the past 6-8 months; FB sort of took over. I'm off it right now -- not good for me, too much politics arguing, & w/ people I know!! It got ugly...

    Anyway, Bette Jo, hope you have a lovely Christmas! God bless you, my friend.

    1. Hey Susannah - I noticed you weren't around. I don't care for FB - I have an acct but never go on there. I prefer my blog - it's a bit more targeted than FB. Or something. Anyway - glad to see you, hope you have a wonderful Christmas!