Friday, January 25, 2013

Won't you be my neighbor?

A week or 2 after moving into my house, I received a letter in the mail addressed to "My Neighbor".  It had been sent through the mail and even though the return address was from my own street, I didn't realize it was from my next door neighbor!  Not only did she mail it, she included a stamped, self addressed envelope inside.  There was an insert saying something about believing that eating right can help prevent cancer - and she had volunteered to spread the message and solicit donations to a cancer foundation of some sort, for research.  Ahem.

I remember thinking at the time - what a crappy way to welcome me to the neighborhood - by asking me for money!  When you're new to a town, you move in hoping your neighbors are at least friendly, you don't expect them to come to you for a cash donation to their favorite charity. And what a weird way to do it!  I felt kind of backed against the wall - like - I'm new here, I don't want to offend anyway, so maybe I should send some money.  NO!  It felt like blackmail.  It aggravated me and I threw it away.  So now - I suppose 10 months is long enough to wait to send out another request.  Again sent through the mail with a self addressed, stamped envelope and the same printed request for a donation.  From next door.  WTH???

What I really wanted to do was to write a snarky response and mail it back in the envelope she so kindly provided.  I've done that with companies who continually send me things in the mail I don't want after I have asked them to stop.  Spend their money by using the postage paid envelope they send you kind of annoys them when they realize you aren't sending the answer they want.  But no.  I threw the envelope away.  Again.  This woman lives right next door.  I have never met her, never even seen her.  I don't want to make an enemy, but I really hate what she is doing.  Not sure why it annoys me so much - because she is sending these letters to targeted people?  Her neighbors?  You feel more obligated that way and I don't like feeling like I'm being put on the spot.

What would you do?


  1. Well, that is crappy. I sort of have the same feeling. Come on, you are right next door. At least introduce yourself first and welcome you to the neighborhood. You have been moved that long already, boy time flies when you get older (me not you)

  2. Yes, I agree you should just ignore her. It sure takes different folks to make up this world!

    1. It sure does! I'm just surprised they wouldn't realize what a turn off that would be!