Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I thought I was gonna die!

The snow was coming down!  It was blizzard conditions and cars were moving slowly as the snow worsened.  A commute that normally takes 30 minutes took 3 times that long!  Visions of being trapped in my car for days ran through my head.  Running out of gas from idling too long, having to melt snow for something to drink before help could arrive .. slowly starving ...


There's always a bag of trail mix in my car.  :)  Yes there IS something in there besides chips!

Anyway, here is a tiny slice of my commute tonight when I was on one 5 mile stretch of road for a good 45 minutes.  And don't start with me about using my phone while driving.  When I was moving I was going about TWO MPH.  I don't call that driving!  Oh, and somebody needs to tell me that when I shoot video with my phone I really oughta turn the dang thing sideways.  Sheesh!

Lady B - you sure you'd like more snow in London?  


  1. I love snow, maybe as it's always a bit unusual for us here!

    It snowed a little this morning, which seems wrong in March!

    1. My birthday is in April and there has been snow on it!