Thursday, April 27, 2017

.. and then I went grocery shopping ..

Normal day today, coming in from work I call down the stairs "Hi Andy!" to my son.  Continuing into the kitchen my purse, lunch tote and keys are deposited on the counter between the fridge and the stove.  Moving into the living room I see something odd - "Hey guys!  There is a spider here missing a leg!  Okay, well the leg isn't missing, it's sitting right next to him.  If you guys are going to kill
spiders, can you at least eat them?"

Heading back to the kitchen to get dinner ready for the "guys" I say "Hi Cruz, such a sweet boy.  Emmett!  Look at you, what a good boy you are!  Oh there you are Louise, how are you doing?  Such a pretty girl, yes!  You hungry?  Wheezy, what are YOU doing? Are you feeling okay?  Can I pet you?  Nice girl!  Abby, where are you? Oh Abby, don't sit on the railing like that, you're making me nervous!"

Yes, I have entire conversations with my cats, as if they understand what I am saying and are conversing with me as well.

My daughter is expecting a baby, she and her husband just closed on their first house today, so much going on!  My first grand baby!!  I am beyond excited.

Sometimes I make jewelry.  Beaded bracelets are my favorite, for a while I was loving making bracelets with rough African beads and buttons as clasps.  They're beautiful.  Earrings are something I make more when there is an outfit I want to match, because making them is not enjoyable to me.

Tomorrow is the last day at my current job, Monday is the first day of my new job.  Tomorrow my bosses boss is coming into town to pick up my laptop and other equipment, and my new boss is already sending invites to discuss the plan of action for what I will start out doing on Tuesday - after orientation on Monday.

Life.  It's happening all around us.  I'm a normal, what used to be called "traditional" American woman, working for a living, helping my kids when I can, enjoying my pets and volunteering for a local animal rescue group.

Do I sound like a fascist to you?

Apparently I am one.  At least that's what a bunch of thuggish uber-liberal groups are claiming when they are shutting down conservative speakers across the country - controversial ones like Anne Coulter, but also Heather MacDonald who wrote a book about policing in America.  Gavin McInnes is a comedian and a right wing speaker who was invited to speak at NYU but had to stop speaking when he was hit with pepper spray when protesters rushed the stage.

Speech the left disagrees with has been labeled hate speech, and is being shut down all over the
country with violent protests when speech is attempted, and threats of violence when it might.  This is CRAZY!  What ever happened to - I don't like what you have to say but I would defend your right to say it?  You don't have to like people like Ann Coulter, you don't have to agree with someone's politics.  But the answer to speech you disagree with is MORE speech!  Not shutting down speech you don't like.

God help us.

Oh, one more thing.  Protesters who cover their faces - are not simple protesters who disagree with a principle.  They have a much, much darker agenda.  Mark my words.