Thursday, October 18, 2007

I don't shave my legs

Before you start picturing my chubby hairy legs, let me explain. I use one of those do-hickys that rips the hair out by the roots - instead of shaving. It hurts a little but in my book, it's worth it.

As I have gotten older, the hair on my legs has become a bit more sparse. And even though my former sister in law pronounced it "gross" I have never shaved my legs above the knee anyway. The gross pronouncement came from a woman who literally has not changed her hairstyle since 1978 and still uses hot rollers, so I was never really worried about her opinion.

My natural hair color before this weird gray thing started happening, went from dark blond to light brown and I never had trouble with overly hairy legs to begin with. Not shaving above the knee was part laziness but also the hair was blond and fine. Who cared? Certainly not me!

After shaving for the better part of my adult life, I switched to the epi-torture thing about 5 years ago. It really does take longer for the hair to grow back and when it does, because it wasn't chopped off - there is no real stubble. Nice. The girls at work were a little disturbed when I made a couple of them feel my leg one day (when I had remembered to use moisturizer) as proof that it was still smooth 5 days after sha - uh - pulling the hairs out with my device. They were impressed.

So on Monday of this week, the furnace guy was coming and I had the day off work. It was a good day to take care of things like epi-hurting myself so I did that and while I was at it ran the thing across my chin and under it as well for good measure. As much as I hate it - since the hair is leaving my legs it does seem to be showing up sporadically in a spot or 2 on my chin. Ah, now that is what I was looking forward to when I thought about middle age!!! Like I was looking forward to any part of it, right?

Today, Thursday, sitting at my desk in my lovely cubicle I felt it. A nice thick hair - no - whisker - growing under my chin. Where I had just run the lawn-yanker a few days before! You know how I knew it was gray? Because I couldn't see it even with my glasses! So as soon as I am done here I will go sit at my make-up mirror using the magnified side and my glasses - and hopefully I will be able to find and remove the offending whisker using the old fashioned manual tweezing technique.

Is it a joke, do you think? You get older, hair not only grows where it's not supposed to, but your eyes get bad so you can't see it without extreme magnification!?! And then to top it off - it comes in gray so you really can't see it?


  1. OH my I had to laugh at the epi-torture - I had one (still have stashed in my drawer depths) its stung and felt like I was being stung all over so gave up - mind you I am very dark.......


  2. The things we have to put up with ! I d actually forgotten I used to use the epliator , I used to prefer to shaving but given I foget things I had forgotten all about it . Must dig it out again , def better than shaving .
    No hair on chin yet guess thats the next thing coming my way . Oh what fun ....

  3. You may not be laughing but I was - and not at you, but with you. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about and it is NOT something I was expecting at all. Whoever invented tweezers deserves sainthood. *sigh* the things we go through ...

  4. I have had the gray missed hair on the chin experience so I can totally relate. I too, check my chin every day and can never see those blasted hairs because of my failing eyesight. It is fun to get old!

  5. Sometimes it feels as if God has a really mean sense of humor. Not that I'm trying to piss him off. Just sometimes I look at stuff he's done and I say "why? WHY?!"

  6. I bought one of those when I was a teen. I tried it for about five seconds, after the crying stopped, I put it back in it's box and I never saw it again.

    Although I have thought about buying another one. I hate shaving. Seriously hate it!

  7. Oh and I get hair on my chin too. I call them hag hairs.

  8. They are NOT GREY hairs. They are WHITE. They just don't have pigment.

    That's what I tell myself, anyway....

  9. gemheaven - if I had too much hair I might not do this either! But it works for me.

    mcatcalls - yes - dig it out! It does work better than shaving, especially for people like me who wouldn't keep up with it every day!

    joy - I start to panic if my tweezers go missing, I bought some extras because my daughter seems to walk off with things but I'm down to my last one.

    palette48 - it's a double whammy, chin hairs and the eyesight to MISS them!!

    steve - are you sure you don't try to piss him off sometimes? I mean, I've read your blog y'know. :) Thanks for the empathy!!

    Dixie - I do have a pretty good pain tolerance, it really doesn't hurt me too much. 2 kids born naturally and 3 kidney stones later , this is nothing! ..and hag hairs? Makes them sound even worse!

    day dreamer - they're white, huh? I'll have to take your word for it because I simply can't see them! I have to hit them with the tweezers by feel. Sad.

  10. You get older, hair not only grows where it's not supposed to, but your eyes get bad so you can't see it without extreme magnification!?! And then to top it off - it comes in gray so you really can't see it?

    ROFL!!! ROFL So true!!!

    I tried one of those devices once....not for me! OUCH!!!

  11. It's totally not gross to not shave above the knee. I think I gave that up at age 17. The bikini line though, that's a whole other torture story.

  12. Oh thank heavens above!! I'm not the only one who's afflicted with the 'you know whats'! I always feel quite smug, though, when I see a woman with a little moustache. Although, maybe that comes next! Aaaaaargh!!! Self-satisfied smile's gone.

    Catherine x

  13. I call the hairs on my chin..."my man hairs"...I also use a epi torture

  14. That chin hair-eyes not working thing has happened to my mother...and sadly I am sure it will happen to me someday.

    At least I can still SEE them to pull them out....