Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heard at work . . .

I had a survey to fill out about myself at work, one of those things that asks your favorite movie, your first job, tell something interesting about yourself .. . I'm not fond of those things and hadn't done it yet.

Emailing with a co-worker about how come I had not done it I wrote "I guess I just don't like talking about myself that much."

His reply? "Uh ... blog?"

Lol! Well, there IS that.


  1. Ha Ha Ha well he has a point I guess :)

    When you pop over to my blog I have something for you :)

  2. I would much rather talk to people about things other than myself. Sometimes its hard to blog, because I don't like to talk about me...but your right, it IS there....

    And I slept through grammar school and I have no clue to the rules. And it shows!

    I need a class...but its too late to teach this ole dog new tricks.

  3. Surveys are so boring with their standard Q&A but blogs are far more interesting. So I guess you do like talking about yourself but in a different media!

  4. OH lol you'll love me then

    I have tagged you ;)

    See my blog for details ♥

  5. I can blog about myself to a certain extent but no one at work knows about it.. I'm fairly private at work so I would also find it a bit difficult..

  6. Ha! Maybe you could just write on your survey, "see blog".

  7. Snort!

    Okay...that is freaking funny!