Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well it LOOKS done.

Working from home feels a bit weird. I mean, I'm in my house, in my bead room actually, where I have a computer desk. That's where I set up the router I plug into and my monitor and what not. So I get the space heater and point it at my legs, turn on the TV, and do what I normally do at work. But at home. Not something I'm used to.

I stayed home today because my landlord finally found someone who would come in and work on fixing up my daughter's moldy, nasty closet. Which basically means she searched high and low, hither and yon, until she could find someone who understood that she wanted the absolute minimum done for the least amount of money possible.

The handy-guy who showed up was nice enou
gh, he went into the closet, knocked on the walls and said "no problem, walls are sound. Got any bleach?"


When we found the leak and the mold in the closet I went all over the internet to find the best solution for this particular problem. Cleaning hard surfaces with bleach is a good solution. But wallboard is porous. Washing the walls with bleach kills the mold on the surface. Sealing the wall with a good primer like Kilz is great. But I am just not convinced that next summer when it gets nice and hot and humid, that the mold won't start to bloom again like the dandelions in my front yard.

He was here for oh - an hour and
a half. He washed down the walls, painted one coat of primer, waited 15 minutes and rolled on another coat. I'm sure he's a wonderful handy-guy, I'm just incredibly skeptical about this as a solution. The work on the closet was done before 10:00 am. I could have just packed up and gone to work but I was already all set up, dressed but not showered and luxuriating in the ability to work with my feet all toasty warm and to get up and go make a cup of tea in my kitchen whenever I wanted to. Besides, how often at work am I going to see this? Kinda added something to my day.

~ * ~


  1. I love working from home. I work in my underwear. I don't close my mouth when I chew. Sometimes I take breaks to read blogs...

  2. Wish I could work from home but I wouldn't want the smelly patients

    Would be nice to spend the day with Mabel though!

  3. I love working from home but if only I could remember its lunch time - luckily someone knocks on my door to collect Elli from school lol!!

  4. That cat paw just reminds me of one of my cats who likes to paw down table crumbs when she thinks you're not looking! Cute!

    Well, we'll keep our fingers crossed that the mold doesn't return.

  5. Argh. Id put money on youre being right, and this wont be the last of it...Sorry to say, but - what 'cha gonna do? I sure hope we are wrong!
    Working from home rules - Id do it again in a heartbeat - enjoy!

  6. Looks like you had help at the computer....hehehe.

  7. We had mold in the corner of one room, in the gyprock (sp?) a couple of years ago. I thought I'd never get rid of it, but after I soaked (and I mean SOAKED, drenched,saturated!!) it in bleach, it hasn't returned. I guess the bleach seeped far enough into the plaster to get to all of it.