Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can only hope.

Still no sign of the varmint. Mouse. Critter. The cats aren't sniffing around or freaking out, I haven't found any droppings or chewed paper or food packaging. ?? Do mice ever die of natural causes? Maybe he was just visiting and didn't like the reception he got. It's not like the cats weren't excited to see him or anything, but ... maybe he wanted a greeting that was a little more low key.

Whatever. I'm keeping my eye out but I'm hoping he took a hike.


  1. Hopefully he was just checking things out and decided to move on.

  2. I hope he found his way out and keeps on going.
    Hate to tell you tho if he liked it he may bring friends .....
    Good luck with that.....

  3. Yes, got to worry about the friends.

  4. I suspect he left and won't recommend the place with the 4 cats to his friends!

    Either that or one of your cats ate well one day and didn't tell you.

  5. I'm sure he's now found a kitty free environment

    (Looks like you've been invaded by a bit of spam above!)

  6. Spam. It's all such a nasty piece of business. All gone now.

  7. Maybe the kitty scared him away for good!

  8. Whassup my sista?

    Glad you've not seen that little fella! I'm thinkin' it's those cats...even if they didn't catch him, he can smell danger...