Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's here! It's here!!

I've been waiting! Vista has been frustrating for me. I am counting on Windows 7 to be closer to XP, except better. Let's hope!



  1. Awe- you're hopeful outlook is charming. I however am not so excited.

    But I guess as long as they get rid of that stoooopid desktop sidebar with the clock and ever changing pictures that takes four years to load, I'm good.

  2. I don't seem to have any hassles with Vista so I'm not in any hurry for this.

    My partner has it but not installed it yet so I will have a look at it when he gets round to it..

    Tell us what you think :)

  3. I'm not thrilled with Vista but baulking and spending any more money on another MS that may not work much better. Tell us how you find Windows 7.

  4. Can't wait for your opinion on it. I am not ready to get it yet .
    I heard many are not pleased with Vista .

  5. So far so good - but I need to play with it some more to see what I like and what I don't. No sidebar Jen, that is indeed, gone!

  6. Hello dear friend :)

    Sorry so long no speak (shame)

    I must say I am quite happy with my XP - if I know something I am not too keen on changing it. Unless my brother highly suggests I do!

    Hope you get to enjoy it :)

  7. Well if Windows 7 doesn't do the trick there is always a Mac!