Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three days. Period. That's all she wrote.

You ever get yourself all jazzed up about an exercise program?  You've finally got the ambition, the incentive - whatever it is you need and you're ready??  Happens to me all the time.  I come across a new program, DVD, gadget, supplement, and I know. It. Will. Work!  Uh huh. 

3 days later I am once again one with the couch.  There are DVDs that have been watched only once and deemed way too hard, a few pieces of equipment that have been used off and on .. well .. still being used off and on, if the space between off and on can be as long a months or years.  

There was one video that was never tried after the first time because I thought I was gonna die!  And the steps that came with it are now used for sitting in front of my makeup mirror and doubles as a step for the (full figured) cat to get up on the bed.

The older videos, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, and the 20 minute workout got the most amount of time devoted to them.  I was younger, more enthusiastic and didn't resent it so much when I couldn't eat candy or Taco Bell.  Okay, truth - I still ate those things.  And it didn't matter as much as it does now.  OF COURSE.

Y'know there's a bit of unfairness about aging .. besides the fact that youth is wasted on the young.  Just when you get to a point in your life when you feel like you should be able to relax and have that extra serving of potatoes or a nice slice of that cheesecake for dessert  -       all of a sudden your body says HEY!  Those potatoes would look really good around your waist, and that cheesecake would really dress up your chin.  Nice.  

Or it might say something like - oh you're gonna pay for that one - and stops you up for days - or goes right through you.  Oh!  And just might add a bit of heartburn for good measure.   Yes!

Ya gotta love this getting older thing.                                 

When I was younger I would try these things too, but weight was so much easier to lose and sometimes a few days without ice cream after dinner would do it - but now I might as well apply that ice cream directly to my thighs because that's where it's going to end up anyway.  Now though, I get mad at myself and exasperated that I can't do what I need to do to keep myself healthy.  But I still try.  

Damn those 3 days.

Seems it's rule in my head and I can't get past it.  I try telling people I'm trying something new to keep me honest, I come up with schemes in my head and they all seem so wonderful.  There are self-hypnosis apps for my phone for weight loss, apps to record workouts - there are doggone video games to use to exercise and lose weight.  When you look at all the tools out there, bogus or not, you would think I could stick to SOMEthing!  Because truly, I know what works.  I know the lifestyle changes necessary and habits I must adapt.  But it just doesn't last.

 I promise you - in my head I become this effortless runner, barely out of breath after a few miles.  In my head I look and feel wonderful and have no cheesecake under my chin.  It's amazing what I can do in my head!  But it doesn't translate to real life and I find that really difficult to accept. 

I haven't given up but boy howdy!  This is tough stuff!  Especially when you add things like stress.  Sigh-h-h-h.  How do YOU do it?  DO you do it?


  1. I don't even make it 3 days. And if I try to record my calories and work outs...I lie to make myself feel better about myself. I'm so sad. I try to walk on the treadmill every day but I can't last more than 7 minutes without hurting all over (and I have been doing this for at least a year so it doesn't get easier with time). So you are not alone. There are lots of us out there, and yes in my head I can do anything, my body just won't go along with the plan.

  2. It's as they say - the road to success is paved with good intentions. That's why exercise equipment suppliers will always make money from all of us!!

  3. 3 days would be some kind of record for me.I can diet but I cannot work out to save my life, more active yes, exercise no....

  4. It is so far from effortless to stick to an exercise routine but I'm telling you- if you stick with it, it does become easier.

    I can run an hour straight now. Six months ago I would have laughed in your face if you suggested I even TRY to run anywhere. You do have to be ready. You do have to exercise even when you really, really, really don't wanna. But once you get past the first month? It is so much easier.

  5. My plan will always work from tomorrow, but sadly tomorrow never comes :(

  6. I remember "The 20 Minute Workout" ... wacky camera angles!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Feelin your pain BetteJo! No, I don't DO it but I'd better start soon - before I die at least :-)