Monday, November 15, 2010

What browser do you use?

.I've been using Firefox for a long time.  I like the tabs, I like the add-ons available, I like, I like, I like.  Except I don't.  I kept thinking it was my computer (and it may be, partly) but Firefox kept crashing.  Keeps crashing.  One day it will be fine and the next it will stop responding, crash, freeze, or some new flavor of annoyance.  Makes me sad.

I also use Internet Explorer, but only for specific things usually, mostly for an alter ego I have out there. Google gets confused when you sign in as one person and then turn around and sign in as another, so different browsers are helpful that way.  But I'm not fond of IE for a lot of things.

Downloaded Opera, it's a bit weird.  I mean I would have to put a lot of effort into getting used to it, and everything I try is judged against what I am used to, which is Firefox.  I need familiar toolbars and tabbed browsing and doggone it I liked my color tabs!  Opera is just weird.

So now, I am trying Chrome.  And I am putting in a huge effort to use it and get acclimated to it because I'm thinking it's my best bet.  It's faster, it's totally more stable and it let me import my bookmarks from Firefox.  But a browser becomes a familiar place, a home on the Internet.  And when you thinking about changing, it's not comfortable.  It's like moving the furniture and then going to the bathroom at night with the lights off.  You're bound to bang into something.  At least I am.

So, what do you use and do you like it?  Could you adjust to a new browser with a different look, different ways of finding what you want to, a different way of doing things?

Or would you be like me and spend your time trying to make it work and look like your old browser?


  1. I use chrome now. Before that google. I like the chrome for the same reasons as you, it's fast and pretty easy to use. But I hate change and do tend to try keep things the same, but I am getting better about learning to live with change.

  2. I keep thinking I should just drag my computer off to the repair guy - its in such bad shape - but then I imagine myself doing it - - - and all I see is me shoving its cord in the trunk of the car and LITERALLY DRAGGING the bastard thing behind the car till I get to the shop - where I see myself setting the sodding thing on fire and throwing it through repair guys window ----- Ive had it with this thing!!!!!!

    Ahem, Sorry to loose it there.

  3. So um .. Lavender, what browser DO you use. :)

  4. I ditched IE a long time ago. I now use both FF and Chrome. I like Chrome for its speed and the fact you have clickable icons to your fav sites!

  5. I use firefox and love it. I've never had a problem with it crashing my computer, although I DID have that problem with explorer.

    Because I have to test in other browsers, I do occasionally use Safari and Explorer. The both get a big Meh. Explorer for obvious reasons, Safari because it is so minimalist and all I can think the whole time I am using it is, "Those damn hipsters invade everything."

    Maybe I'll give Chrome a whirl...

  6. I use Firefox most of the time.. I have Chrome and use that when FF is having a bad day lol