Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is my new house haunted?

No, we have not moved into the new house.  Soon, soon.  But I was there on Saturday waiting for a fantabulous new leather love seat to be delivered - alas the sofa is on back order.  :(   Once the love seat was delivered I could not resist curling up on it in the quiet house with the sun spilling through the window onto me.  I imagined it was how one of my cats feels when they find that perfect splash of sunshine on the rug and can't but take a snooze in it.

At some point as I was dozing I heard a little girl talking, fairly close, in a conversational tone and volume, asking "can we keep it where we put it now?"  Since I was dozing in and out I opened my eyes when I heard it, and listened.  She said it again.  "can we keep it where we put it now?"  Hmmmm.  I closed my eyes again and thought it must have been  a kid playing outside, walking past the house maybe.  And it probably was.  But the windows were not open and I can't imagine how I was able to hear her so quietly yet clearly. 

After thinking about it for a minute I got up and looked out the front window.  Nothing.  No one.  Looked out the kitchen window to the deck and back yard.  Nothing.  Went downstairs and looked out those windows too.  No one around.

It didn't scare me but I must admit if it had been night instead of early afternoon, I might have been spooked.  

But I'll be keeping my ears open ..



  1. Spooky, I think ghosts give a home character.

  2. It at least sounds like she is interested in what you are doing. Hope you don't run into any problems. It would have creeped me out day or night. Keep us posted on any new sounds.

  3. I'm hoping it was a kid outside. It was definitely weird.

  4. Ohhhh how exciting! Can you imagine the fun you might have with a friendly ghost around the place, and how the cats will react!

    I'm sure it was just a passing kid though!

  5. I think you have just inherited a daughter. Please remember to keep us up to date on the happenings.

  6. You should ask the current homeowner about the house's history, BetteJo. That way, you'll know if it's haunted or not. Also, take the chance to ask him about what you saw that afternoon (I hope he explains, but only a few homeowners tell if their house is haunted or not). Anyway, good luck on moving in! Don't think too much about the thing you saw unless you're sure of it!