Saturday, April 13, 2013

Come to Mama, Angel Food Cake!

My big girl panties are starting to feel a bit tight and are chafing these days.  NO I'm not talking about my
weight.  But there have been a series of things that have happened that are making me want to cry for my mama.  Instead - I'm baking an angel food cake with plans to eat it right out of the pan. Don't worry, it will last through tomorrow at least.

Don't judge, this is the only coping mechanism that is really giving me comfort right now.  And I did buy more peppers and fruit and hummus and healthy things when I went shopping today.

No details right now, if I talk about it, write it, it will make it real and I just don't want to deal with it.

Yum!  Angel food cake!


  1. Keep your chin up Babu, Love Ya.

  2. Hey there girlfriend....are you missing me? :) I knew if I cleaned out my my lazy old desktop computer emails I'd find you again! I think I need to bookmark you so I find you more easily.. my laptop went to the pc doctor and I can't get on the wireless. Gotta work with the it folks at NW communications here to get me back up and running.

    It's been a sucky day here in Wisconi too. I don't know which is worse, angel food cake or wine. Hmm we should discuss that. The cake goes to the hips, the wine to the lips. Ha ha I am a poet and don't know it!!!! LOL.

    Other than that things going well for you????? Looks like I have to pick anonymous to post this..
    Pam C


    Other than that how are you?

  3. If someone suggests pinapple chunks added to the anglefood cake. Don't do it. it was a weird consistancy. Kisses back at you Babu.

  4. Falling away for a day is ok, give yourself the time. I hope you are doing ok and that the angle food cake turned out the way you wanted it to. I blew up my reader and I'm just getting back to it today. Happy Friday