Thursday, April 4, 2013

Veggies & cats. Not on the same plate.


I've really been doing well with my new healthy eating.  Trying.  Really trying.  But apparently things don't turn around immediately.  WHY NOT!!???


I thought I would give you a cat update since I have refrained for a while.  You're welcome.  They are all fine. The end.

That's pretty accurate, really.  Norah (of the spine and kidney problems) is still getting fluids and meds every day, but she's eating and playing and jumping onto and off of furniture again.  And she can get away from me when she sees that bag of "plasma-lite" come out!

Jake is good, she's at 1.5 units of insulin a day and she's been eating really well and even socializing (read - demanding to sit on my lap) more than she has in a long time.  Riley is Riley.  He's old, he's crabby, and he's a man cat.

Speaking of which - I need to go tend to the inmates in this asylum.  You'd think I'd at least work off a couple pounds chasing Norah - whoops!  There she goes!


  1. Too cute, glad to here the family is well and thanks for the catdate. Sounds to me like there is a lot of nursing going on. We have started that with our 11 year old dog.

    As for the eating right, you are on the right track and yes, it takes a long time. I always claimed that I knew how to eat right, and I did, just didn't practice it for a long time. I do now but the payoff is so slow. Good lunch

    1. I keep wondering if I'm going to OD on veggies and hummus but right now I'm really liking it!