Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google sucks but I'm over it.

So what did you end up deciding on to replace Google Reader?  I ended up choosing NetVibes.  I was able to mess with it and get it to look and work as close to what I was used to - as possible.  I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am perfectly happy with it.

I have never been good with change, but good thing I took Google at their word and found a replacement because when I clicked on the reader today there was a polite message thanking me for stopping by.  Did I mention how Google sucks?  Anyway, I am surprised I have adjusted so well, I hope everyone else who relies on their reader as much as I do - has been able to find something to their liking as well.

And oh by the way - Google sucks.  Me thinks they have gotten too big for their britches.


  1. I'm using Feedly now, it took a little while to get it the way I wanted it but it's ok..

  2. Mee thinks so too. Fell back onto the Old Reader but not at all just right there with it. However being it is summer time and the days go by so fast, I can't adjust to change and Google Sucks.