Wednesday, October 2, 2013

.. but there's an airport in the way!

Does anybody know how big O'Hare International Airport is?  Some people say 7610 acres, others say 7700, so it's very likely somewhere around 12 square miles. That's pretty big.  And when something that size stands between you and your job every day, it becomes an adversary you want to conquer.  Other things can be gone over, but no roads can go over an airport.  The only option is to go around.

When you live where I and a bunch of other people behind the blue line live in relation to my job - you have a choice.

Which way do I want to go around the airport?  But one thing is clear, there are no straight lines here.

My favorite quote about trying to get to work has been - 'you can't get there from here'.

Lately, my usual choice of routes has involved construction at a particularly funnel like intersection that includes a set of railroad tracks, a viaduct, and is heavily traveled by 18 wheelers.  Aint we got fun?  So I decided to go onto Mapquest and see what it recommended for alternate routes.  The message I got - proved my point.
I really CAN'T get there from here!


  1. OMG, you know you are in trouble when Google Maps is also. Maybe the construction won't last long on the route you have been traveling most often.

  2. I am originally from Wisconsin and have traveled in and around Chicago many times. I simply hate it. I feel for you, I really do.