Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sigh-h-h-h ..

I came home from work last night to find that one of the cats appeared to be peeing blood.  I was thinking it was probably Riley but wasn't sure until this morning when I took the chance and took him to the vet.  Yep, it was him, poor baby.

Since Jakie died I have been spoiling Riley like crazy, always aware of his age and condition.  I'm glad I've been doing that because he is closer to his time than I knew.

So - I will continue to let him sit on me, sleep on my bed, and eat hot dogs.  He seems relatively happy and not too uncomfortable. Monday will tell us more but I am unwilling to put him through too much at this point beyond making sure he is happy and not in pain.  The rest - well - I am watching him carefully so he can tell me when it's time.


  1. This is so sad to hear.

    But you are doing the right thing, keep him as happy and comfortable as possible until that's no longer possible - best wishes to you and Riley x

  2. Sorry to hear he isn't doing that well. Riley will enjoy sleeping on your bed and eating your hot dogs because you will be there. He is 20, that is very good. Hugs today...keep us posted, we care