Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The day the snooze died.

I am a notorious snoozer with my alarm clock.  I play games with myself, my clock is never set for the right time, and I hit the snooze the same number of times in the morning, every work day, and get up at the same time - and it's really much earlier than my clock says.  I know it, but in my sleepy brain in the morning, I can't quite figure out what the real time is so I get up, not wanting to take a chance.

Crazy, I know.

This morning, my snooze died.  My snooze button has been getting harder and harder to use - press down in the middle .. no .. on the right side .. no .. left side of the button .. wiggle it .. it was starting to defeat the purpose of using the snooze button.

This morning - it would not turn off.  My worst nightmare - turning off my alarm before I actually have to get out of bed.  But I did it this morning.  Then of course I set my cell phone for the time I wanted to wake up - and promptly went back to sleep.

Tonight I unplugged my old, tired, dusty little alarm clock and replaced it with another one I had laying around.

Goodbye old friend.  You played my games with me for a very long time, you humored me, yet still woke me as needed.  The other alarm clock will never quite be the same as you.



  1. My husband is my snooze alarm.

  2. Cute, I used to play catch up sleep with the alarm clock then I got this built in human clock that goes off when the sun rises. Just when I was able to start sleeping in my biological clock woke up.

  3. I don't use snooze anymore, I feel worse dropping back off to sleep so force myself up straightaway.