Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fooled the Smoke Alarm!

Hello Hello Hello!!! These are the earrings I sold. Still the only thing I have sold online but that's okay. There will be more.

Saturday was my birthday, and my sweetheart girlchild insisted on putting all the candles on the cake! Took 2 people to light them - had to open the front and back doors to prevent the smoke alarm from going off - but I got every last one of those candles out! Hey, I made a wish - I HAD too!

So, my boychild went to a baseball game in Milwaukee, so my daughter and I did some birthday bonding. We slept late - had spinach dip for lunch, ran out and got our hair cut together, and then we colored eggs. It was nice. Nice and slow paced - (except for the spur of the moment haircuts!) My girlie wanted to do something special for dinner but we had ordered Thai food the night before and I wanted my leftovers. Just the kind of girl I am - don't need anything fancy. Later we did the cake and ice cream thing with my girlie, my boychild and my girlie's boyfriend. It was nice, it was a good day.

I received some major encouragement towards a website - my boyfriend has been very helpful, and the beautiful multi-colored roses didn't hurt either!!! His birthday gift to me will help me get set up which is an icredible present! My girlie gave me a beading book and a book on marketing and selling my jewelry. I just want to research before I launch into anything. Keeping some things on Etsy while I'm doing that should keep me in good stead.

I googled myself the other night - shocked the crap outa me! Just typed in BetteJo and I'm all over the place!! Now I just need me to come up when I type in Beads - or beaded jewelry!

OMG Sanjaya is on American Idol! What did he do to his hair this time? He has a spit curl on his forehead! Well, kind of. He has a little goatee and mustache - can't tell if it is freakin' drawn on or what?!!!!! Ugh. What's with this kid? I actually feel bad for him cause I think he believes he's good when he's only being voted for by screaming little girls, all his Indian neighbors and by those who think he's the worst!

Oh well, enough bad thoughts. I just feel bad because I don't think people realize that this is a 17 year old boy who is naive and probably too sensitive to find out the bubble he's in right now is all fake. Not fair for him, possibly dangerous to his emotional well-being. Spoken like a mother, right?

Jennifer Lopez was fun though, she really helped the contestants - seemed really natural and nice.

Anyway. Time for bed. Have a lovely evening!


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  1. Congrats for your blog, specially these lovely earrings - so beautiful ...