Thursday, April 5, 2007

My First Online Sale!!!

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Okay, it's NOT my birthday, but I had my first online sale last night. I loved it! After having my jewelry online for over a month on one site, and moving it to another and selling something in only 2 days - THAT feels great!!

It was only a pair of earrings - but it was something! I think I'm liking Etsy!

At some point I really need to get back to beading - as opposed to advertising my beading. I enjoy the beading and if I feel like it's not all going to sit in my bead room unappreciated - I will enjoy it even more.

Very tired tonight, worked a 12 hour day which is very unusual. Need to get ready for bed and get some sleep for a change. This weekend IS my birthday and my girlchild is coming home. I know she likes her Easter basket, but I'm going to believe she is coming home just for my birthday. :)

Have a great evening!


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