Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Learning Process

Today has certainly been a learning experience. I have been on the computer ALL day! My butt hurts and sometime today my VCR clock changed time - it apparently rejected the daylight savings time I had changed it to whenever that was. ? So.

I decided that of course it couldn't possibly be that people don't like my jewelry - how could THAT be? So I went on an email campaign, emailing scads of sellers from 'ecrafter' - and I don't think I got a positive response back from anyone. Basically I asked what they thought of the site - if they have had any luck there - etc. One lady, her name is Gloria, said "ecrafter sucks." So - I guess I see where we stand with that.

I decided to hunt around and see what I could elsewhere. I found a site that looked reasonable called I emailed some sellers from that site - and got a mixed response. There was one that was fairly positive, but the other's seemed mixed. Seemed like people were saying that it was a good site but it was not their primary way of selling. There were a number of mentions of eBay and etsy.

After that I started looking at any website designers - or better yet (and less expensive) sites where you can basically build your own site, manage it, but you pay for the web-hosting and shopping cart stuff - oh - I am such a novice.

I really can't sit here and do this right now, I am somewhat unnerved by everything I learned today after putting links everywhere and working so hard to get my name out there. Now I'm tired - eye strain I'm sure. Going to move on on to something else I'm guessing, another way of selling my jewelry and right this minute - move on to something other than being online!

Have a great evening!


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