Friday, September 21, 2007

And they left a titanium clip inside my breast. Really!

I was right, the hardest part of the biopsy was getting to the hospital by 6:30 in the morning. I didn't make it, but close enough. They still tortured me.

In reality the worst part of the procedure was the couple mammograms they took before hand, to pinpoint the spot and mark it with ink. That was a little painful but really I think that was more because of the tenderness I was experiencing due to the point I'm at in my cycle right now.

Laying on my stomach with my breast in the mammotome vice, the doctor gave me a shot to numb me and apparently cut a small incision. I say apparently because not only did I barely feel the shot - I had no sensation that something was being done. I never felt the probe enter my breast or move in and out enough times to take 6 specimens of about an inch long, about the width of spaghetti. I find that to be really really strange.

There was a nurse standing by whose main job seemed to be to narrate the process for me, and rub my back from time to time for that 'human' connection. But honestly - if she hadn't been telling me what was going on, I wouldn't have guessed. I suppose that means it was done very well and I never heard a single "uh oh" or "oops!" so to me that says successful.

I got a nice bandage and a really cute little ice pack and got to go home. They did offer me a coupon to go downstairs to their in house Starbucks (since when?) to have some coffee and a bite to eat. I politely declined, even offered it to one of the nurses but I guess that would be against the rules.

Here at home I napped the rest of the morning away and did some housework - even vacuumed and dusted this afternoon. As long as I don't use my right arm too much I should be fine. I made an appointment to go to see the surgeon on Monday afternoon to get my results and he will check on my healing then.

I'm thinking about what Suebob said though. Since this started I have had 2 mammograms, and an ultrasound each separately read by radiologists. Today there was a tech, a nurse, a radiologist and a surgeon all doing this procedure. I will be getting bills from the separate specialties as well as the hospital and surgeon. Woo Daddy, am I looking forward to that!!

On a more exciting note - today I signed up for BlogRush - you might want to check it out! I don't know about you but I can always use something else to drive more traffic to my blog.

And the most exciting note - my daughter is home from school for the weekend and is in the kitchen right now doing the dishes! You can't beat that!


  1. They left a clip in? Wha? How does that work? Is that like a sign post for them in case they have to xray again...wierd! But as far as that anesthetic goes - GOOD STUFF! Ive heard alot of "now you will feel some pressure here.." kind of statements and I dont even like to feel pressure Mate! Nup, I dont wanna know what youre up to - till afterward, thank you very much!!!
    So now how long do you have to wait? Keeping you in my thoughts, enjoy the weekend with your daughter.

  2. I'm relieved to hear that you didn't feel a thing and I am positive all will be well! You are in my thoughts :=)

    I joined up with the whole Blogrush thing, we'll see how it goes. So far the links they've been showing on my blog have featured S&M, bondage and three-some offers. I searched through all my key words and I'll be darned if I can find out why I'm linked to all THAT! Not really the sort of thing I had in mind when I added it, ROFL ....

  3. I'm glad you got through the boob invasion without too much trauma. The thoughts of it frightens me.

    On Blogrush.. I've had it up for a few days and I've had ONE hit from it lol. I think it has potential though.

  4. Glad it's over... I'm thinking about you and sending positive thoughts!!

    I seriously must have missed a big ole' chunk of posts from you!! I had no idea you were going in for a biopsy :( Last I knew, you were waiting for the results of the mammogram.

    If you need to chat, I'm here :)


  5. Glad the procedure went well. I, too, think everything will be fine.

  6. That sounds like so much poking and prodding it's making me sore. You should have asked if you could swap your Starbucks coupon for a "no-hassle rescheduling of your next 6:30 appointment" coupon:)

    Enjoy your weekend with your daughter! Will be thinking of you:)

  7. Lavender - I was very happy for the procedure to be basically painless. I have a high pain tolerance but I don't like pain any more than the next gal!

    Honeysuckle rose - positive thoughts are good, thanks. Yes the jury is out on BlogRush, but I haven't seen those links! Hmmm.

    Mahala - the boob invasion! Reminds me of the Woody Allen movie where he's being chased by the giant boob ...!

    Useless Rambler - yeah - I've been sharing every tiny detail - probably TMI - but mostly because I finally went to have a mammogram because of WhyMommy, I thought I should tell all. I'm queen of TMI anyway, so why would this be any different?

    Palette48 - Yes, I think everything will be fine too. I'll know for sure on Monday!

    Robin Marie - Yeah - no more 6:30am appointments for me, please! To make it worse - I accidentally set my alarm clock for the wrong time. I fed the cats and made my tea before looking at the clock - it was 4:15 am. Scary time of day unless you're still up from the night before!

  8. Thanks for the description. I am going for the same thing on 10/11/07. It helps to hear first hand what to expect. I hope all went well for you.