Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why fix something that isn't broken?

P&G Consumer Relations

Date: Friday, September 28, 2007 9:54 PM

Subject: Thanks for contacting P&G. [Incident: 070923-000744]

Thanks for writing.

I regret to hear that you don't like (you didn't have to say hate) the changes we made to Tampax. Whenever we introduce new products, we like to hear from people (who like our changes) who've tried them so we know what other improvements you might like. Your satisfaction means a great deal to us. I'm sharing your comments with the rest of the Tampax Team (and we're having a good laugh).

Tampax Tampons are now shorter and wider for improved fit to your (the average 15 year old girls) body. They also have a new built in back up skirt (skirt? what tampon needs a skirt??). This is a thin, absorbent layer of material that helps pull fluid (down toward the string) up into the tampon, keeping it from going (up into the tampon) down the string. While we've upgraded (made it less expensive to manufacture) the tampon, we haven't changed the absorbency (much) and we would expect you to have the same great protection (NOT).

You may be interested in trying Tampax Pearl (since you haven't tried anything new in years). Since you've included your postal address (because you could not send the email without it), I'm sending you a coupon to (prove I responded to you) give it a try. You should receive it at the mailing address you provided within the next 3-4 weeks.

Thanks again (for being a pain in my butt) for writing.

Tampax Team


NOT the answer I was looking for.


  1. I have started using the Tampax Pearl. Love it. Much better than the regular ol' Tampax.

    I love how you read between the lines. ;)

    I need to sit myself down and right some "your product sucks" letters myself. I've run across quite a few here in the last two weeks.

  2. You are too funny with the comments.

    Dixie is right about the Tampax pearl, though.

    I used speedstick antiperspirant for oh, 30 years or so and then they changed the formulation to something that gave me an itchy, 7 day rash. I complained and they sent for Speedstick!

  3. I can't stand tampons at all (since we're getting all up close and personal anyways lol)

    I think it should be a law that they can't mess with feminine hygene products without a vote.

  4. Tampax sucks anyway! I vote no tampons, and instead use sea sponge. I highly recommend it, with all my heart and soul. On the occasion that I get caught without it I always go for OB sans applicator. Tampax sucks. The fact that there are people making money off of women doing what they've got no choice but to do is criminal. Making it uncomfortable is even more criminal. Don't even get me started on Midol.

    Hilarious commentary, by the way:) Enjoy those coupons!

  5. So you think I oughta use that coupon and try the tampax pearl, huh? Geez, I'm 48 years old - couldn't they have waited till I finished with this stuff entirely to change things??? It won't be that much longer.

    And Robin Marie - I have seen reusable pads, but a sea sponge? I can picture how you use it but my goodness - I just can't ... well ... the mind boggles!

  6. Great commentary. Don't like tampax myself. Hated the old applicators although I see they have made some improved changes to them. Anyway, very funny post.

  7. Sea sponge is aweeeesome!Here's a link. They're wonderful for anyone who's got any sort of cramps, because they're totally flexible so you don't even feel them!

    By the way BettyJo, I'm doing an FMG order sometime in the next week or so, and I usually split it up with one or two other women so we can get the 200+ discount. Are you interested? Even if you only need a few things, I'm in the 50-199 bracket right now, which means big savings! Drop me a line if you need anything!

  8. Companies are always changing stuff I like; I still haven't gotten over the fact they messed with Coca-Cola....

    But I agree with Dixie et all about the Pearl, it's a pretty good product.

  9. I was doing some random blog clicking, and ran across this post. Funny and true. I was so upset to open a new box of tampons to find that they jsut weren't right. I mean of all the things to change in a womans life at that time of the month.....thanks for the laugh.