Sunday, June 1, 2008

I tag the alphabet!

Beauty Secrets Meme

I was tagged by the lovely and talented Lady Banana do to this meme. I am not good with memes because I always want to rebel against the rules. And this meme presumes I may have secrets about how I achieve my beauty. Which presumes I have beauty. Also? If I share them they won’t be secrets.

My Foundation

L’Oreal Feel Natural – Soft Ivory – Yeah, one of those pale people. More because I don’t go out much than because it’s natural to me.

My Mascara

Almay One Coat Mascara – Brown/Black

My Day Cream

Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Lancome Absolue Replenishing Cr̬me РDepends on whether I have time to open a jar or use a quick pump bottle. Seriously.

My Essential Beauty Product

That would have to be my eyebrow stuff. I have very little in the way of eyebrows without it.

My Favorite Makeup Product

Probably my foundation, evens out my skin tone and covers the brown patches. Sigh-h-h.

My Perfume

I rarely, if ever, wear any. I will use a body spray sometimes – something fresh and fruity but don’t do that much either.

My Nails

Oh the horror. I have not had nice nails since my kids were born, literally. Before that they grew, they didn’t crack or split – now – yuk. I just try to keep them filed into a passable shape.

My Feet

I guess this means what beauty stuff I do to my feet? Uh, clip my toe nails and use moisturizer. I know. I should do more.

My Hands

Whatever moisturizer I put anywhere else – I also put on my hands. During the day at work I usually use some lemon Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream and again, moisturize with whatever I have on my desk. And they still look like hell.

Three products to bring to a deserted island:

I have to agree with Lady Banana on this one –

1. Moisturizer

2. Toothpaste

3. Lip Balm

Women I admire for their beauty:

This is where I go blank. I think I would say that I admire the women who allow themselves to age gracefully and naturally. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dye their hair or wear makeup or try to look pretty, just means – I admire the ones who have to guts to face aging without cosmetic “procedures.”

Women with the best sense of style:

My opinion? Women who are most comfortable in their own skin generally have the best sense of style because they know what is appropriate and what looks good on them and don’t feel the need to over-do.

My ulimate dream:

That’s very simple and ordinary. I would love to be able to retire and live comfortably without financial worries or health concerns – and be able to spend time with my kids. And to die in my sleep. Yeah, that’s important.

How do I define Womanhood:

Geez. I can’t answer this, I don’t know. Wasn’t that what they taught us about in that movie they showed us in the fifth grade?

My favorite fashion publication:

I hate them all for the unhealthy images they promote for women. None of it is real.

Yay! I finished the meme! Now here is where I am supposed to tag some people so I am tagging anyone who has an “L” or an “E” or a “T” in their names. Oh – and a “J” and an “A”.

Was that cheating?


  1. Thank god you didn't tag me on this one! I wouldn't know where to start!

  2. Great answers, sound like you are using some lovely products there :)

    We should have tagged some men lol after all aren't they supposed to be taking more care of themselves these days ;)

  3. Lady Banana - you're right! Drew - you really should try it. I mean - you DO have an E in your name so technically ... :)

  4. Who me? You won't get anything out of someone who refers to her foundation as polyfiller!