Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tripped and fell

My daughter has been telling me how much she likes Stumble!. I understood the premise, skipping around the internet at random, guided by some categories you have checked indicating interest. I know myself well enough to know I can while away hours at a time doing something like that so I have resisted. Until last night. Now I am considering uninstalling it because I am a sucker for mindless surfing and cool pictures.

Still, I was somewhat bemused to find myself here.

For those of you that have been looking for it, I found it.

Apparently it's a happy place. And it loves me.

**Edited to add - I have just uninstalled Stumble. I have spent almost 2 days doing nothing but. I cannot be trusted to leave it alone.


  1. Very funny. Let me know when you get to the end of the internet.

  2. I need to avoid stumble. I've heard of it but have decided it is bad idea for me.

    Interesting that there is an eye to the internet storm. I had no clue.

  3. I have been addicted to Stumble for several years now, but it's letting me down as I can't "photoblog" the wonderful pix I Stumble across anymore..

  4. I love to Stumble too but have to be stern with myself otherwise the time will just fritter away.

    Your post reminded me of my post on the Six Degrees of Separation of Wikipedia where the centre of Wikipedia is an article on "United Kingdom" and not Walmart. I could swear Walmart is the centre of the universe!

  5. I actually did run into something that said it was the end of the internet - asked me to turn the lights off when I was done. :)

    Oh Pearl, more stuff to catch my interest!

  6. I will not look there then - bad enough finding all the awesome craft blogs on blogger and typepad to read - and I am sure I have hardly seen any of them!!

  7. The width of my butt tells me that I spend way to many mindless hours surfing the net.

    Seriously, its shaped like the chair, and I blame it all on the "internets"