Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you hear a chorus of angels?

Yes I do, I hear angels singing.

Just your garden variety, drug store kind of chocolate. In a jar. In copious amounts.

Because I have found out I do better if it's simply in the house. I eat less of it than if I make a special trip to find something swe

At least that's my story and ... you know the rest of it.


  1. Yum. I want that jar in my house. Please.

    I asked nicely.

  2. Yes you did. Next time I see your Mom I'll tell her how polite you are! :)

  3. ....hmmm?....sorry, cant comment, too busy rummaging hopefully thru the pantry....

  4. That was no chorus of angels. That was me singing the praises of chocolate from the other side of the city. Pleeeeease dooooo shaaaaare was what you heard. ;o)

  5. That's your story and your sticking to it!! LOL!
    Looks delish!

  6. I am so trying not to go to the fridge to get some choccie... But I think I'm going to have to now! :)

  7. Apologising for the drugstore variety? Heck I've been known to raid the Baker's Chocolate squares in the kitchen!

  8. Lavender - hope you found something. :)

    Molly - You're close enough - but I'm betting there are a few stores in between us that would lure you there. Oh! You wanted delivery?

    Diane - if you notice almost all of it is dark chocolate. Not that I won't eat every other kind but dark? Heavenly.

    LB - sorry if I made you lose the fight if you were trying not to do it!!!

    Pearl - oh yes, I love the good stuff but really - I just love sugar. In all it's forms. Period.

  9. Bliss is my favorite dark chocolate ever. Looks good to me!

  10. PS Does this mean you're feeling better!??

  11. Yes - bliss is awesome - I'd never had it before! And also yes, I am feeling much better!