Wednesday, July 2, 2008

missed opportunities

Publisher's Clearing House came knocking - and I lost out. I navigated away from that page. Do you think I'll ever hear from them again?

~ Click to see bigger ~

And those people from the U.K. Lottery who keep trying to "officially notify" me - are they for real too? Maybe I should respond the next time they try to contact me. I don't want that to be a missed opportunity too.



  1. I get those all the you think anyone believes it?

  2. I used to guess how many lotteries or beneficiaries I had in my email before I opened it. I think in one week I won over 50 and they werent little amounts either. Its sad people believe and send money to these nasty people.

    Good luck if you do the real lottery - you never know!!

    Hope you are well :)

  3. So many African gentlemen have sought me out as the sole beneficiary it's been hard to say no... LOL

  4. Thank goodness for spam filters! But I am sure enough people do click on those to make it worthwhile for spammers to keep doing it.