Friday, July 25, 2008

I've had better days

Last week it was a kidney stone. Now it's the flu. Fever, aches, the requisite purging of bodily fluids and such.

Went to work this morning feeling like something was off - not quite in touch with anything specific though. Until I went to the bathroom and lost the tea I had before I got there. That's a first for me, something I hope never to repeat. When you are in the throes of sickness - home is where you want to be, not in a stall puking into one of those little waxy bags (clean thank God) they line the napkin container with.

So I went back home.

Ibuprophen is my friend, it has helped the aches quite a bit. Crackers are not quite yummy - but so far have stayed where they were put and 7-Up - my hero.

Still - after sleeping uncomfortably off and on all day I am tired and headache-y and my stomach is protesting that I have put things in it - and that I haven't put things in it. We have some wonderful grapes and cherries in the fridge but I don't dare.

Must lay down again. The cats like it when I am sick. I don't have the energy to tell them to go away so they pile on me, outline my body on the bed or couch. I will leave you with this video - shamelessly stolen from Peace of my Mind because it is my life. Except I'm a girl. And I have more than one cat.

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  1. Hi BetteJo :)

    I do hope you are feeling a tad better today :( You have had quite a rough time of it lately.... I wonder if SHOPPING did it to you??? I mean shopping can be evil ya know!!

    Anyway I hope this cheers you up somewhat pop over to my blog VanillaHev'n and see what I have got for you.

    Get well soon!!!

  2. Oh no that's such bad luck.. I hope you get better really soon!

    I love the video, have you seen the other two by the same guy.. they are brilliant!

  3. I'm feeling as miserable as you are for I have it too. My cat is snoozing right by me. All that purring will get us better in no time, right?

  4. You sound miserable....

    The cat video is a hoot....

    Hope you feel better.

  5. Feeling better now, Pearl I hope you are too! I HAVE seen the other cat videos this guy has done and I agree - brilliant!
    And I have no doubt that shopping lowered my ability to fight off the bad stuff!
    Holly - hoping all is better with you too!

  6. I hope you feel better soon, I wanted to let you know you can go to any health food store and pick up some tea tree and lavender essential oil and add them to a hot bath - the tea tree is a wonderful oil that fights virus' and bacteria you can use it in a cool mist humidifier to help cleanse the air and to make you feel better. It is also wonderful to burn in a tart/oil burner to clear the air in your house to get rid of all those germies flaoting about. Hope you feel better soon! ((HUGS))EarthMAMA

  7. I hope you're feeling lots better today!!

  8. I do hope you are doing OK now and that your kidney stone is not bugging
    you too.