Monday, December 8, 2008

Bring it on!

My tree is not finished. My Christmas tree, that is. I am obsessive about all of it, from the lights to the ornaments to centering the tree in front of the window. It's crazy really, I have no business having a tree this size in the house I live in, with mostly grown kids. There are no toddlers running out in the morning all sleep tousled and wide eyed at the spectacle of tree and presents and the miracle of Santa.

The only one wide eyed at my house, is me. And I love my tree! It just takes me a while to get it done. Yesterday I got the tree itself up, the lights on and most of my "base" ornaments. Because you know, there is an order to all of this. Lights, then garland, this year I used strands of big pearl-like beads, then the glass ball ornaments, the glass icicles, and then all the other stuff. And there is a lot of 'other stuff'.

By the time I went to bed last night my hands and my back were aching, but the tree being on a timer - I could see the glow from my room and I was happy. Until I heard my son on his way to the bathroom saying "Cat? Are you in there?"

Andy doesn't talk to the cats. Andy pretty much just ignores the cats, except Norah. He will pet her every once in a while if she puts herself right in front of him at petting level. But for the most part Andy and the cats just co-exist in my house. For him to be addressing a cat directly was worrisome so when I called out to ask what was going on - I was already half out of bed. He thought one of the cats might be in the tree but he wasn't sure.

We both stood there and squinted but nothing moved so Andy continued on to the bathroom. Then the tree gave a little quiver. I knew exactly which one it would be so when I said "Abby . ." very firmly, the tree shook some more. When I said "Abby get out of there!" I saw the tremor move down the tree and a cat plop out onto the floor.

Abby is the evil one. The one who bites. And she is also the one that people would vote most likely to climb a Christmas tree, so I knew it was her. Following her exit I pointed the spray bottle at her. The holiday wars have begun.


  1. My daughter comes at Christmas with her little cat and she ignores the tree mostly, but just to make sure I put a whole row of plastic ornaments underneath the tree so she will leave my glass ones alone, this year the tree is near her fav window... could be dicey... ha oh well..

  2. We used to have to place the ornaments well above kitten reach but none of our cats ever got the idea to climb the tree. Perhaps you could attach the top of the tree to the ceiling just in case?

  3. As long as I have had cats - there has been at least one "tree climb" every Christmas. Luckily they usually climb up the center where it's more stable. I shouldn't say this out loud or I risk jinxing myself, but while I have lost a few ornaments - my tree has never fallen over. Yet.

  4. Oh, I so do not miss that problem! LOL I havent put a tree up in at least 20 years - but manys the time before that that I had this trouble...more power to you BetteJo!

  5. We are planning on putting a tree up in the next couple of days, should be interesting to see Mabels reaction!

  6. We havent had the tree up for years - we had a boisterous puppy who woul knock it down with his rear (excitement waggle) and we really had no other place fro it. Buddy has been gone 2 1/2 years now but we still havent put it up. Maybe if I had one up Id be more into the Christmas spirit - but I doubt it. Its a hard time of year for me.

    Mind you I LOVE to see others trees and decorations - so work that out!!

    I was babysitting for my brother and SIL and their cat decided it wanted to eat the tree - devil decided to keep coming back for another try - in the end all I had to do was look in its direction and he would scarper ;) Cheeky sod!

  7. Wow..I envy your holiday spirit.

    How funny your cat climbs the tree...but why not right? How are they to know that this is a special tree? Right?

    Trees are for climbing...I'm with your bad kitty...why the hell not!

    Merry Christmas! Meow.....

  8. We fight the same wars - with a big fat dog who actually eats tinsel.