Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When did I become an adult?

jokes10I was thinking today, while I was at work, that I must be a grownup now. Finally. My boss is in another state, always. He is based somewhere else. I work with one other person in an office room, and she is off this week. The other people on my "team" are all over the country. So there is no one there to watch me.

And I still work. jokes03

As I was sitting there I was thinking hmmm, I know people who would be reading a magazine or surfing the Internet or something totally unrelated to their job. But I was working. All alone in my little office room. That's when I came to the conclusion that I must be a grownup now.

I just can't decide if that's a good thing or not.


  1. You must be wearing big pants now. That's when you know your grown up.

  2. Yeah, much bigger pants than I want, that's for sure!

  3. I'm not sure about me, but I had a chance to observe my 3 kids this last week. They all have kids of their own now but I still see lots of not grown up behavior. Mostly in the way they look at life and how they respond to 'problems". In some ways they are very grown up with a child like attitude and all the good things that means.

  4. Some kids can be responsible sometimes, especially if they've been well brought up. I suspect you still qualify as a kid, a good one.


  5. Happy New Year to you and yours and please be safe MY Friend

  6. I am an adult too.... darn it all!!
    Happy New Year !!
    Best Wishes for 2009 !!


  7. I believe we never lose that little kid in us - maybe it's buried deeper in some but still there!