Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop and smell the what?

This week has gone by fast. There is a part of me that is always happy when Friday approaches, yay the weekend! No work!

But the other side of me wants time to slow down. It's moving way too fast and it seems the older I get - the faster it goes. When I was a kid a summer day lasted forever from the time I stepped that first bare foot outdoors, until late in the day when it was approaching darkness and the other kids got called in, and I went home. I never got called in that I recall. The parents of the kids I played with would bellow from their front porches, flash their porch lights, or send a sibling to find a brother or sister. And I always went home when there was no one left to play with. I guess my Mom always knew I'd get there.

Now it seems like the days are over before they begin, kids have grown and are transitioning between being kids and adults when I think I've only recently reconciled with being an adult myself. I'm paying the bills, getting the car fixed, taking the cat with the thyroid disorder and the goopy eye to the vet, and am starting to miss when I don't have any salad fixings or oranges in the house. To me, sugar is a food group so that last bit is strange.

There isn't a way to re-do anything I've done wrong, God knows I have a list. And I've always had trouble living in the moment. It's always been about tomorrow.

But as I sit here thinking about it I realize that tomorrow is here.

And I'm not sure what to do with it.


  1. I've been feeling similar thoughts. I spend too much time thinking I'll get to doing things for me when the kids are older. But what if I never get there? It's never too late to learn to live in the moment.

  2. Its all how you feel.....
    My Mom was a firm believer in thinking young feeling young.

  3. I'm not saying I'm feeling old - just that I need to stop looking to tomorrow all the time, or I'll never enjoy today!

  4. Well said, BetteJo. It's best to enjoy the present although many of us forget to do that whilst worrying about the future all the time. I too found time accelerates as one gets older.

  5. I feel EXACTLY like that. Every Friday as we say goodbye for the weekend at work we often comment on how scarily fast another week has gone by.

    I really don't know how the years went so fast that my kids are now all in 20's - I'm still 20 something in my head!!

  6. ditto bettejo. great musing post. x