Saturday, March 28, 2009

What evil lurks?

Abby is our evil cat. She was abandoned in an apartment somewhere, my daughter brought her home and did the "PLEASE Mom????" Many promises were made and I agreed to let Dani keep her. But Abby never got along with the other cats and the feeling was mutual. While the other cats are lying around the living room or my bedroom, Abby likes to go here - on top of the china cabinet. Tonight my son was walking past, saw her and said "great, a sniper position." I laughed and said "yeah, her very own clock tower!"

Then I looked up. Um yeah, there IS a clock up there. Maybe she's even more evil than I thought.


  1. A great place to pounce from! Mabel likes to find high vantage points as well, but luckily, so far, she's not got to the top of my bookcases - yet!

  2. Cats are such odd creatures....I say that dogs are Yang and cats are Yin...

    Dogs are much more superficial than cats...

    Even working with herbs it is such a different concept...they are truly a mystery to me!

  3. It's amazing the places kitties like to go.