Sunday, September 20, 2009

My daughter will just have to forgive me . .

when I open the door and invite my crabby old man cat to take a walk. I sent her the pictures, I will spare you. He pooped in one of my favorite leather flats. I love these shoes. And he pooped AND peed in that shoe. Grrrr ....

Doesn't he look all sweet and innocent? NOT!

I bought new litter boxes recently and I don't like them because they are too small. We've only had them for 2 weeks and I've been keeping them clean, so that's not the problem. BUT - I have ordered some new ginormous boxes along with a "Litter Locker" which is like a diaper pail for litter scooping. I'm all about giving these cats the right place to do their business!

Let's face it, I just get no respect around here.


  1. He doesn't so much look innocent as content.

  2. Very sweet cat. The pooping and peeing in the shoe...not so much.

  3. When cats don't use litter boxes, it is a real mess. Just the smell will get to you. We had to have out hall carpet cleaned after we had our cat put to sleep. Miss him though.