Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strange times

It's been an odd week. Not bad, just different I guess. And I'm tired. I did some power shopping at Tar-jhay the other day, came home with some handy dandy clean and brandy new . . . litter boxes. Yeah. Exciting, huh? It's been a while since I changed out the boxes themselves so yeah, it was - well it was something. The sad part? I dreamed about it. I dreamed that the cats weren't using the new littler boxes and they were scooping the new litter out of the boxes and it was all piled up on the floor next to the boxes - and that's where they were doing their business. Yep! Dreamed about cat boxes. Bet YOU can't say the same thing!

On a more normal note, one of the gals I work with who lives in Texas came into town and I got to meet her. She loves me just as much in person as she does on the phone and in email! She brought her adorable teenage daughter with her who really needs to eat a sandwich just to ground her before the wind catches her.

My office - room-mate and I went to lunch with the Dallas Diva and her Daughter Diva and we had a great time. It's kind of strange to work with a team of people but to have actually met very few because we all work in different parts of the country.  Our conference calls are the only way we socialize, I and a couple of others provide the smart ass remarks and our dear Dallas Diva supplies the Betty Rubble giggle in the background.  Or is it Wilma?  I can never remember.  But it was nice.  Really.

Yesterday I went to buy gas for my car - I don't do it often, my son usually does it.  But I was doing it this time and I pulled up and got out, unscrewed my gas cap and put it in the little holder in the little door there and reached for a pump.  I reached for the one that seemed the most natural and realized it was Premium and I was like no, I don't need premium.  So I reached to the other end and noticed it said no lead.  I was surprised and said wow - who buys gas without lead these days!?  So I pulled the middle one off it's holder and filled my car with PLUS.  Yeah so, who buys gas with no lead in it these days??  Try: EVERYBODY!!!!!   Geez,  I realized my brain retro moment (or whatever) very quickly and was laughing at myself halfway through filling my tank.  Duh.

 And the burning question . . .
When you see this - don't ya kinda just want to pull it?  Really!!??

I pass this every time I go to the bathroom at work.  Every time.  I've never pulled it.  But I want to!


  1. You are a stronger person than me! I would have been shown the door for pulling that handle one to many times.

  2. Yes! I want to pull it too LOL Your litter box story reminds me of last saturday night, when I found myself scrubbing down the bathroom at 930pm...and I reflected on how it wasnt all that long ago I used to do WAY MORE EXCITING things at 930 saturday night LOL

  3. I admire your strength in not pulling the thing.

    I work from home and very rarely see the people I work for. I passed the owner of the company at the grocery store the other day and I don't think he even recognized me. It's a funny dynamic. My direct supervisor lives in Hawaii. Weird.

    Yeah, dreaming about cat boxes is a little weird, but when I read that I started thinking about how I need a new cat box. So, while I'm not quite where you are, I'm close. :)

  4. Hah! We have those emergency shower things too. I'm the opposite - I don't have the urge to pull one because I think of the mess!

  5. Well - I guess I would get very wet!

  6. Why oh why do you even have an "Emergency Shower"???

  7. I worked at an electronics company that had one of those emergency showers. My son, who worked there for about a week, found out why they are there. He got acid all over him. I never figured out what he did but I did say he was only there for a week didn't I? Not fun and I've never wanted to pull one since.
    His favorite thing to say while he was there was "My Mother does" to the sign in the cafe to tell all to clean up after yourself because "Your Mother doesn't work here"
    Did I say he was there for one week?

  8. Oh go ahead PULL IT, what's the worst that could happen?

  9. Sounds like quite a week!

    One of these days you're gonna have to pull it!