Friday, March 12, 2010

So what do you want first, the good news ...

... or the good news? That's right, good news or good news. You choose. I will wait while you think about it. (queue Jeopardy music) da da da da, da da da ..

Okay I can't wait.

We received word earlier in the week that there was a bed available on the first floor of the nursing home which is reserved for patients who pretty much still know they're on the planet. Thank God! Mom moved.

Mom's operation of her walker (the 4-wheeled one) was deemed safe so she achieved mobility. She was excited to learn that Thursdays are craft days, she had her hair done, and she ate in the dining hall.

Best yet - I have not heard one single "I fell down today" since she got there.
Switching to even MORE good news - can you stand it? Anyway. In the space of 4 days my daughter and her fiancé both landed jobs and were approved for an apartment. And the best part for me?? They will be 15 minutes away as opposed to 5 hours. Yep. They are moving up tomorrow. Woo. Freaking. Hoo.

Oh, and I bought an iPhone. Not sure if that qualifies as good news, but it's fun!

So this week has been pure bliss compared to a week and a half ago. Maybe better than chocolate.


  1. BettyJo you deserve all that wonderful good news !!!
    I am so darn happy for you !!!!!!
    Mom's happy and your happy, the kids are happy and it can only get better from here!!!!!!
    I hope you are doing something to celebrate all this goodness it sure is worth a celebration!!!

  2. It is so wonderful when all goes the way we want. I am so happy for you. I think you got off the karma bus.


  4. You rock!! Great news and well deserved.


  6. Been lax in reading your posts lately so doubly happy to read this one! Happy, happy!

  7. So great to see you get Good News ... xxx

  8. How lovely to read your good news, you really deserve it :)

    And an iPhone!! whoo hoo! well why not download Words With Friends and come play a game with me - it's a scrabble like game, fun and addictive :)

    My username is LadyBanana, as always!