Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Her cup runneth over. With karma. *snort*

Y'know that person, friend, the one who has never struggled with their weight?  The one that simply cannot understand that you gain weight by simply smelling baked goods or sugar but insists on putting it under your nose anyway saying "oh it's SO-O-O-O-o-o good!  Are you sure you don't want some?" as she waves a sticky finger full of gooey monkey bread under your nose.  "Okay, you don't have to eat any, but just smell it - it's SO-O-O-O-o-o good!"  

You know her, right?  You have that person in your life who could bathe in brownie pie and never absorb an ounce on her thighs, don't you?  Or maybe it's a guy who can inhale 2 Big Macs, a super sized fry and a large chocolate shake every day for lunch and never grow a gut.  And of course these people don't exercise.  Not in any kind of regular or organized way. They don't ride a bike to work, they eat a heavy dinner with dessert every night and don't need to unbutton their pants when they get up from the table.

Also?  They are the ones pushing you to buy their cookie dough, candy bars and girl scout cookies telling you "c'mon, it's only once a year .. once a year can't hurt you!"

Yeah.  We all have these people.  They belong to us somehow.  And mine?  Sh-h-h ... she doesn't read my blog but I still don't want to say this very loud ... mine?  tee hee ... lately she's developed a tiny bit of a muffin top.  Yep.  Not a lot, she's not overweight, but just enough to make her feel a tiny bit uncomfortable and squishy.  

I'm happy.  I cannot help it, I am relishing it.  Forgive me.  But I am doing a quiet little happy dance and you know why?

Because it's SO-O-O-O-o-o good!!!



  1. Your bad! I can almost feel your empathy. I have a friend or two like that, funny you should mention. I've been thinking about getting back on track with myself after a visit to the doctor yesterday to have gained back 5 pounds. Guilt sets in and that isn't a friendly visit, take care. Oh and have you noticed Google friends has been having trouble, ya, I have emailed you from Google friends and you don't seem to be getting the mail, thanks for the heads up.

  2. I love those moments when someone else has to take a ride on the karma bus. Makes up for some of my "extra" trips. And it is sooooo good. Enjoy.

  3. I just wanna try some monkey bread.